This Essay Is Called "To Build Or Not To Build" It Is Talking About The Log House In The Short Story "Shiloh" By Bobbie Ann Manson. It Is 4 Pages And Includes Themes Of Love And Marriage

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To Build or not to Build?This is not the only question in the marriage of Leroy and Norma Jean Moffitt. The marriage very often runs into uncertainties and problems, but that is the life of the Moffit's. The foundation of their marriage was based on a problem; the writer of "Shiloh", Bobbie Ann Manson writes " I'm in a way imagining myself as I would have felt if I had... gotten a different perspective on things- if, for example, I had gotten pregnant in high school and had to marry a truck driver", well that is exactly what happened to Norma Jean. However, the baby died at the age of four months and three days from sudden infant death syndrome. About fifteen years later Norma Jean finds herself living in a small rented home with her husband, Leroy, which is normally at work, on the road. Until one day he injured his leg in a fatal accident and will probably never be able to ride his rig again. Leroy now finds himself at home all the time, this is very awkward for the both of them, but Norma Jeans seems to be the one most bothered by her husband's presence. "Ever since they were married, he has promised Norma Jean he would build her a new home one day" (p.443) Leroy tries to fulfill his promise building a log house, but Norma Jean is extremely annoyed and does not accept this idea. The disagreement over building of the log house further promotes the couple's individual characteristics and unveils their marital discrepancies.Away for fifteen years, Leroy Moffit comes home injured, however he is injured mentally as well as physically. His perception of the marriage is very limited. He takes in only what his eyes see, and due to the fact that he is very often away, his eyes overlook many important factors of Norma Jean's life as well as the community. So when he tries to fulfill his desire of building her a dream house, he finds himself alone in that idea. His prolonged absences from marital and society life closes his eyes to the disapproval of building the log house. Norma Jean tells her husband after he introduces his idea to her, "They won't let you build a log cabin in any of the new subdivisions" Leroy not only ignores the community's rules, he also refuses to accept his wife's strong opposing wishes. Never taking the time to ask, Leroy does not understand why Norma Jean would not want to live in this log house. He never reveals the true reason of why he wants to build this house; however, it is clearly obvious that he believes that it would be the key to saving their marriage. Despite Leroy's strong determination to build this log house, his wife on the other hand, has extremely contradicting...

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