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This Essay Is About A Case Study We Had To Do About Creating A New Product/Business. For A (Fictive) Company Called I2. A Part Is In Dutch But That Is Irrelevant

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IntroductionI2 International is an organization and is always keen to innovate and take initiatives. The Starmaker Company has been assigned to develop one new product or service out of five concepts.Hereby we present you these five concepts and our final service. The following subjects: Dutch, English, Business Economics and Marketing are relevant to the concept of the development of a new product or service, thus included.Your little stars,Frank AlbrechtAdriaan RaaijmakersDiederik StolkAriën WesterduinIndex:Organisation schedule:04Our little stars project:05Marketing06Product concepts:06Screening criteria:11Product concepts and screening criteria:12Extended description of remaining products:15Pilot study:20Strengths and weaknesses of remaining two products:22Competition analyses:24Decision final product or service:25Concept test and market research:26Results, conclusions and recommendations:27Summary and extra conclusions and recommendations:36Business environment of Star-Search:37Final target group:38Description final objectives:39Unique selling position:41Extended recommendation marketing mix:42Company identity46Summary:47Financing:48Business Economics48Business economics:48Nederlands54Adviesrapport:55Geschreven brieven:57Genoteerde telefoongesprekken:63Brief direct mail:65Product demonstratie:66English67Brainstorm session:68Summary:69Bijlagen70Nederlandse direct mail en antwoordkaart:70English product folder:70Organization schedule:Our little stars project:In the first week of our project we gathered for a brainstorm session. A brainstorm session is a gathering of people thinking about certain ideas. I2 International is an organisation and is always keen to innovate and take initiatives. The Starmaker Company has been assigned to develop one new product or service out of five concepts.These five concepts are listed below:Five product concepts:·Star-Search·Star-Child·Star-Job·Tele-Star·Pop-StarOn the following pages you can see how we developed these five basic product concepts.Enjoy!Star-Search:Internet is part of the new "new" economy and is going to change the way we live forever. The information jungle is getting bigger and bigger each day. There are even possibilities we cannot even think of now.Life is searching. What is your destiny? Is it written in the stars? Whatever you are looking for, The Starmaker Company is going to fulfil your dreams.Star-search is not just a search-engine or Internet portal. We deliver instant satisfaction. We are far ahead on competition now we introduced our new developed search-engine. It is getting easier to find what you are looking for by using multiple keywords. These keywords will also give you access to pictures and newsgroups linked with your search.We hope to attract visitors with a simple and easy to use portal without any 'popups', 'cookies' and 'timers'. The start portal should be free of advertisement.New innovations need to be financed. To do this we...

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