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This Essay Is About Choosing Architecture As A Career.

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People need places to live, work, play, learn, worship, meet, govern, shop, and eat. Architects, which transform these needs into concepts and then develop the concepts into building images and plans that can be constructed by others, are licensed professionals trained in the art and science of building design. Architecture interests me the most because it gives me the ability to express my imagination.The type of education that will prepare me for a job in architecture is a Professional Degree in Architecture, which must come from one of the 111 schools of architecture with degree programs accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board "NAAB". I will also need to attend and achieve a five-year Bachelor of Architecture programs intended for students, like myself, entering from high school or with no previous architectural training. In addition to that, a number of schools offer a two-year Master of Architecture program for students with a professional undergraduate degree in architecture or a related area, or a three to four-year Master of Architecture program for students with a degree in another discipline. Many schools of architecture also offer post-professional degrees for those who already have a bachelor's or master's degree in architecture or other areas. Other abilities may include artistic, drawing ability, and good communication skills will help with the presentations that you will have to do for you clients to sell your ideas. You should also have the ability to work independently or as a team, creativity, computer aided design and drafting "CADD",and computer literacy (two and three dimensional drafting, and financial management). All States and the District of Columbia require individuals to be registered before they may call themselves architects.Employment of architects is strongly tied to the level of local construction, particularly nonresidential structures such as office buildings, shopping centers, schools, and health care facilities. Because construction-particularly office and retail-is sensitive to cyclical...

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