This Essay Is About The Past Faults Made By George Washington Which In His Time Were Not Explored By Media Outlets But Today Would Be Made A Big Deal Of.

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In the 1700's, the main source of news was either newspapers or talk amongst neighbors. Today, we have the internet, television, newspapers, and radio. The past life of the public officials is nipped and picked at, and examined with a fine toothed comb. When George Washington was elected president, he was never questioned on anything in his past on the public stage.Modern media today looks for any imperfection in a public figure, and attacks it. George Washington, in his youth, was known to be a swindler, or in other words, he stole money. Even as an adult, Washington continues such a practice. This time, he justifies his actions by his seemingly never ending quest to become a gentleman. During the French and Indian War, soldiers were recruited with the promise of land when the war had ended. When the time came for the land to be dealt out, Washington cried foul. While the recruited soldiers were to be given land for there service, the officers, one of whom Washington was, were to have served out of honor for there country alone. Through a loophole in the British doctrine promising land, Washington was able to acquire over 10,000 acres in land. In effect, Washington stole all of the land that was meant for the soldiers under his command. He also had a habit of blaming everyone else except for himself when he failed.Washington's military command during the French and Indian War would be a reason of question all its own. Washington's "Fort Necessity" was plagued with disaster from the day it was built. Besides...

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