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T His Essay Is About George Orwell's 1984. It Answers The Question: Can What Happened In 1984 Happen Today? It Anaysalies The World Of 1984 And Our World Today.

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George Orwell's novel, 1984 is about a distopian future in which the government,the Party, controls every aspect of its people's lives. The government brainwashes itspeople into believing anything it says. In today's world there are governments that try tocontrol all the aspects of its people lives. Even in "free", democratic countries thegovernment invades peoples' privacy and spreads propaganda. Many of the techniquesthat the Party uses to control its people are used by many governments today; because ofthis the dangers that Orwell warns of are very relevant today.As time continues our society becomes more technologically advanced and thismakes it easier and easier for our privacy to be invaded. In today's world there are manyways in which we are being watched by "Big Brother". There are now cameras that canbe disguised to look like clocks, smoke alarms, buttons, and mirrors. At work companiesmonitor what web sites their employees go on. Police use "wires" to go undercover andrecord confessions. Also peoples credit card, bank, and phone records are cataloged bytheir respective companies. All of these things are not currently used by the governmentto keep a watch on us but they easily could be.In 1984 people were given identity numbers and were referred to by this number.That is like the social security numbers that are currently in use today in America. In asense these numbers have become our "identity" numbers. Any time you buy a house orcar, apply for a job, apply to a school, or go to a doctor you must use your social securitynumber. Also this number is needed when we buy guns, open bank accounts, apply forcredit cards, and open bank accounts. Almost every move we make is tracked by thisnumber and it is basically who we are.In 1984 there were no countries, just three super powers and disputed territory. Intoday's world there are several super powers and it seems that they are constantlyexpanding. With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the US is slowly but surely expanding.Like the US, China is also trying to expand its sphere of influence. It has invadedThailand and occupies Vietnam and North Korea. Also Russia is once again beginning toexpand by moving slowly moving southward to the oil rich countries below it.In the "free country", America, the Patriot Act has just been passed. This actAllows,"Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazinesubscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Website you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic gradeyou receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book andevery event you attend - all these transactions and communicationswill go into what the Defense Department describes as a virtual,centralized grand database.". This is a potential disaster waiting to happen. Thiswill allow the government to keep tabs on every citizen. This is unfair and a violation ofone some of the many rights put in place to keep our society from becoming one of 1984.Many of the...

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1563 words - 6 pages The Party. People should not be having sex without The Party’s approval; this would be done in order to make more children for The Party. They forbid people from having sexual relationships, families and hobbies so that all their attention, energy and emotion can be directed towards one thing; Big Brother, which is the dictator of Oceania. George Orwell is the Author of 1984. He lived through the Second World War, a time of social injustice and

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4209 words - 17 pages is more than a work of fiction. It is a prediction and a warning, clothed in the guise of science fiction, not so much about what could happen as it is about the implications of what has already happened. Rather than simply discoursing his views on the social and political issues of his day, Orwell chose to narrate them into a work of fiction which is timeless in interpretation. This is the reason that 1984 remains a relevant work of social and

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997 words - 4 pages hopeless. It is difficult for them to hope to succeed in an area where so many before them have failed. The constant theme of betrayal in 1984 is being used by George Orwell to show how hopeless Winston’s struggle against the Totalitarian system is, giving the reader an idea of how bad this type of government is. The reader is introduced to this dark time and given hope in the form of the rebellious protagonist, Winston. However, the

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1303 words - 5 pages to eat the most, credit information, and all sorts of other personal records. Both of these types of monitoring are nearly undetectable ad can happen to anyone. Even though the Party in 1984 and the government of today seem very different, it is very easy for one to see the striking similarities. The one hope for making a difference, is in the ingenuity of our leaders to lead the world to peace not through warfare but through trust. This fact is very important in the quest to reverse what seems like a trend towards totalitarianism and the governments absolute control over our lives and our freedom.

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