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This Essay Is About How The New Democracy Rose Up To Power During 1820 1840

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Democracy had started out very slowly in the beginning. It seemed to be a bad time for most people, but then something happened. The New Democracy rose up and seemed to bring about great change to all. Many things seemed to contribute to the development of democracy from 1820-1840, such as the changes in electoral politics, as well as the Westward Movement.Electoral politics seemed to go through some vast changes. The "common man" was rising onto the stage of political power. Now, people were being elected, at times, for special skills or their history with the military, such as Davy Crockett, who was elected into Congress, because of his rifle skills. Universal white manhood suffrage was now the base for the New Democracy. All white males were now qualified to vote. The common people were the source for choosing the winner when it came to different elections. The candidates chosen for the Electoral College were by the people. Presidential nominations were no longer discussed in a room, secretly. This way of electing people was looked down on. People started to display banners and signs to convince others to vote for somebody. Parades and barbeques were held to convince people, as well. Jackson agreed with all this and thought that the people should do all the governing. This helped him win the election against John Quincy Adams, because he actually listened to the people and voiced their opinions to Congress. This helped Jackson get his nickname as the "people's president." Jackson agreed with the spoils system, which gave political supporters their chance to shine by taking a position in the public office. "Every man is as good as his neighbor, perhaps equally better" was Jackson's motto when it came to the spoils system. "Rotation in office" soon became accepted during the New Democracy. Electoral politics seemed to help everyone, for the most part. People were...

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