This Essay Is About The Human Brain And The Eyes.

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The reason the world doesn't disappear when you blink is because of a form of sensory memory called iconic memory. Iconic memory holds visual information for about a quarter of a second or more. When we blink, our eyes are closed for a very short period of time. During this short period of time, the image of the world around us remains in our mind because of iconic memory and sensory memory. Sensory memory refers to an initial process that receives and holds environmental information in its raw from for a brief period of time, from an instant to several seconds. Between the two of these memories it never lets the world disappear because iconic memory holds the visual information for a quarter of a second or more while our sensory memory is holding it for an instant to several seconds, in the blink of an eye our these two memories will not lose this visual image.If you had declarative memory then you would be able to remember things that you learn, such as information that you are educated with in school, and specific events that happen to you, such as going to a movie or eating at a restaurant. Declarative memory involves memories for facts or events, such as scenes, stories, words, conversations, faces, or daily events. We are aware of and can recall, or retrieve, these kinds of memories. The two kinds of declarative memory are semantic and episodic. Your semantic memory is what you learn, and episodic memory is what you do. If you did not have procedural memory you would not remember any information that is usually storied in your unconscious memory, such as a phobia. Procedural memory involves memories for skills, habits, and things learned through classical conditioning. We are not aware of these memories and cannot retrieve them. If you lacked procedural memory you would not have very good motor skills, for example you could not just hop on a bike if you hadn't rode for years and ride it without any difficulty.It has been studied that more familiar and interesting information will be held in memory and remembered much more than unfamiliar uninteresting information will be. In two studies subjects correctly recalled about 60% of familiar interesting information after 7 years, while another subject remembered only 20% of the unfamiliar and uninteresting information that was presented to him after only a week. Automatic encoding, which is the transfer of information from short-term into long-term memory with out any effort and usually without any awareness. Semantic information, which is personally interesting and fit with previous associations, is encoded into declarative long-term memory. The concepts from high school are not usually interesting; therefore, they are not encoded into long-term memory. Once these students' names are encoded to our long-term memory they may be recalled or may involve recognition. Recognition is more effective the less recent the information becomes, however, most of this information can be brought back through...

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