This Essay Is On The Black Plague. It Includes Where It Started What Its Scientific Name Is And So On

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The Bubonic Plague is still effecting people today. The scientific name for the Bubonic plague is Bacterium Yersinia Pestis. Bubonic Plague or Bacterium Yersinia Pestis is historically known as the Black death. This disease commonly occurs in the tropics today. Even though people can come down with this disease in the tropics today, It may be most feared for its potential as a biological weapon in modern day. The Soviet Union has reported 1500 tons a year of Black Death Biological weapon , Perlman 5. The Bubonic Plague was first discovered in the early 13th century. It spread through Europe after originating in Asia, then spreading westward. As quoted by the Italian writer Boccaccio, "More than half of the inhabitants of the northern Italian city of Florence perished." Library of Congress Some Scientists think that the Bubonic Plague might not have been the cause of many of the deaths that occurred in the 13th century and centuries after that , Perlman. They think that it might have been caused by a hemorrhagic virus. This disease caused massive bleeding like the Ebola virus. The Bubonic Plague has also occurred in the United States of America, but in more minute figures. On November 1st 2002 a man coming back from having traveled to New Mexico was diagnosed in New York with the disease. After the first case, another case was discovered on November 3rd 2002. This was a 47 year old woman. She acquired this disease from her Husband (the prior case). She recovered without complications. One more case was discovered on November 5 2002. This case was a 53 year old man that had also just traveled to New Mexico; he was diagnosed in New York city, Primas. There are many different signs and symptoms that aid in helping doctors diagnose this disease. The patient(s) may present with high fever and extreme fatigue. The patient may experience inguinal swelling; witch is swelling in the groin area....

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1279 words - 5 pages so alive and important in just about ever aspect of our society, on a personal, economic, environmental, and cultural level, it should not be overlooked or stepped over. They develop what our great nation will become, and locally keep us all safe and healthy. This is why the benefits of recreation are not only positive to the community of today, but to the society of tomorrow.Works Cited"Benefits Movement Defined." National Recreation and Park

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