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This Essay Is On The Exxon Valdez Incident

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The Exxon Valdez IncidentOn March 19, 1989, the Exxon Valdez crashed in the Bligh Reef in Alaska. It was the biggest oil spill incident to have ever happened. The amount of oil spilled into the sea was an incredible amount. Over a million gallons of oil had spilled out into the sea. The impact it had on the oil industry was tremendous and is still talked about today. With all the oil that spilled into the water, one of the main concerns was of the effect that it would and did have on the environment, another was why it had happened, and a third was what kind of impact it would do to the future of the oil industry and after effects.The Exxon Valdez grounded in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The captain of the Exxon Valdez had had a history of substance abuse problems and was allegedly drunk while commanding the tanker. When the tanker hit the land, a large amount of oil spilled out into the water; about 260,000 barrels worth spilled within a span of 2 days. The cleanup was very slow because the two companies of Exxon and the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company were not prepared for such a disaster to happen. ("Exxon") Because of the oil that was spilled, many animals were killed do to the amount of pollution caused by the oil spill. The oil spill killed thousands of sea mammals, hundreds of thousands of birds that lived on the shore, and the biggest concern was for the salmon and herrings do to the amount of fishing done off the coast of Alaska.The impact that the oil spill had on the surrounding environment was tremendous. Between the animals that were killed and the affect it had on the shores it was awful. It killed thousands upon thousands of animals. The fish were affected because the oil was spilled into the water and the fish died because the oil would choke the fish of their oxygen and the chemicals poisoned them. The fish industry was affected a great deal because Alaska has one of the biggest fishing industries in the United States. Another effect that the oil spill had been was on the population of birds that nested on the coast and all the sea animals within the surrounding waters. There were 35,000 birds that were found dead but there was an estimate close to hundreds of thousands of birds dead. Just like the fish, the sea animals were poisoned. The sea mammal affected the most was the sea otter. The population of sea otters decreased heavily but after time the otters have a renewed population growth. (Davidson 128-165) The shores and the waters had oil spread out over a great distance. Oil was found on about 783 km of shoreline. The cost of the damage was charged to Exxon and Alyeska Pipeline Service and was more then $1 billion. The damage had been done and not all the oil could be contained. The only thing that could help the environment now was time. (Egan)There were several factors that came into play that caused the Exxon Valdez to crash. For one, the captain, Joseph Hazelwood, had been drinking on duty and had had a past of...

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