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This Essay Is On The Novel Entitled Slaughter House Five By Kurt Vonnegut

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Schlachthof FünfSlaughterhouse-FiveThe novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, raises many important questions that surround itself with one of the major themes in the novel. Themes such as life and death, the role of fate in one's life, time and space, acceptance and human dignity (just to name a few). Slaughterhouse-Five forces the individual who reads it to ask many moralistic questions. Questions such as where he/she would spend eternity, what is one's purpose in life, what is faith and morality and if there is such a thing in this cruel world then why children would be called to fight in a war and participate in a 'duty dance with death'. Kurt Vonnegut attempted to answer some of these questions that have plagued society with his novel, Slaughterhouse- Five.Vonnegut wrote Slaughterhouse- Five so that the book's protagonist, Billy Pilgrim, ventured out to various occurrences in his life. Throughout the course of the novel, Billy used time travel to endeavor answering those questions. Billy Pilgrim was portrayed as being an all time unusual protagonist for a war novel. Billy is weak, submissive, and often ludicrous. His nature is not equipped for war in any way and this is proven true what he nearly dies wandering behind the German lines during the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, he finished his academic career, became an optometrist, and married Valencia Merble-a woman who was bought up from a well to do family. Billy Pilgrim's ludicrous personality soon came into play when he began to believe that aliens who inhabited the planet Tralfamadore abducted him. There he remains to be "unstuck in time"- a term used to express the experience of his life out of chronological order.Many passages, motifs, and symbolisms help convey Vonnegut's messages that he expressed in the themes of Slaughterhouse-Five. A reference that may be made to prove this statement factual would be the elements of the title page. The title Slaughter- house-Five simply refers to the Schlachthof Fünf translated into slaughterhouse-five, a slaughterhouse stationed in Dresden, Germany. The alternative title, The Children's Crusade, refers to the Children's Crusade, which took place in the year of 1213, "when two monks got the idea of raising armies of children in Germany and France, and selling them in North Africa as slaves." The Children's Crusade draws many parallels to Slaughterhouse-Five and to the life of Billy. In Slaughterhouse-Five, the men who were selected to go to war are mere adolescents themselves, ranging form the age of twenty years of age to grown men, yet never having the opportunity to know what life truly was. For instance, Billy Pilgrim was twenty-three when he was sent to war.Slaughterhouse-Five's alternative title, The Children's Crusade is simply because during World War II, all the men that volunteered to participate in the war did not know what was truly awaiting them and what turmoil they would face. The Christians faced the same adversity when they...

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500 words - 2 pages Slaughter House Five Expaination Based on Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s book by the same name, Slaughterhouse Five has been described by many as one of the best anti-war novels of the 20th Century. In Slaughterhouse Five, Billy Pilgrim finds unstuck in time jumping between several periods of his life. From his experience as a prisoner of war in World War II to his suburban family life in the 1950s and 1960s, and his experience as a human specimen in

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1184 words - 5 pages there are necessarily ‘right’ people to kill” (Glover). This shows that Vonnegut is religious and cares about the spreading of Christianity. Also, this helps disprove the idea of his lack of being serious in his works. Vonnegut’s ability to use the literary device of foreshadow is amazing to many critics and literary fans. Kurt Vonnegut impacts literary experts using foreshadowing in his novel, Slaughterhouse Five: The Children’s Crusade. A major

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1480 words - 6 pages look at his life and how it affected the novel. Vees-Gulani, Susanne. "Diagnosing Billy Pilgrim: A Psychiatric Approach to Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five." CRITIQUE: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 44.2 (2003): 175+. Literature Resource Center. Web. 17 Feb. 2014. Vees-Gulani uses medical journals and works by other doctors to diagnose Billy Pilgrim with PTSD. While she isn’t a doctor, she provides an adequate amount of evidence that supports her idea. This essay ties in directly to my topic and I plan to use it as another way to link Slaughterhouse-five to PTSD. Vonnegut, Kurt. Slaughterhouse-Five. 1969. New York: Dell Publishing, 1991. Print.

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713 words - 3 pages ). This again shows his doubts about the success and his opinion on looking back at events such as war. In the novel itself Billy Pilgrim is a soldier during World War II who witnesses the bombing of Dresden, just as Vonnegut did. Vonnegut shows the detrimental effect's of war on a soldier's psyche through Billy's jumps in time. He says that "Billy is spastic in time, has no control over where he is going next, and the trips aren't necessarily fun

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2109 words - 8 pages In the novel Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, a fictional character named Bill Pilgrim is used to depict the various themes about life and war. Vonnegut went through some harsh times in Dresden, which ultimately led to him writing about the tragedies and emotional effects that come with war. By experiencing the war first handed, Vonnegut is able to make a connection and relate to the traumatic events that the soldiers go through. Through

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10515 words - 42 pages treating this subject, Vonnegut explores several major themes, but no single one of them explains the whole novel. You'll find that some of the following statements ring more true to you than others, yet you can find evidence in the book to support all of them.^^^^^^^^^^SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE: WAR IS ABSURDVonnegut attacks the reasoning that leads people to commit atrocities by drawing character portraits (Roland Weary and Professor Rumfoord) and by

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3814 words - 15 pages The Book starts out with Vonnegut, appearing as a character in the first chapter to tell about the story he is writing and about the events that led to the novel. He informs the reader thatthe story is based mainly on real events, but it also contains fictionalized accounts. He reveals that he has been obsessed for years with writing a book about the bombing of Dresden, but hehas found the task very difficult. Vonnegut enlisted the help of one

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671 words - 3 pages repercussions war has on society in a general sense; but what does war do to an individual? This is a question often avoided as a result of the bitter truth: War can all but destroy the sane mind of the common man.This is a fact that was abundantly presented in Kurt Vonnegut's absurdist classic Slaughterhouse Five. The story is initially set during World War II, but moves from place to place, and from time period to time period throughout the novel

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1359 words - 5 pages warnings or explanations. It simply is. Take it moment by moment and you will find that we are all, as I’ve said before, bugs trapped in amber.” (Slaughterhouse-five, 99.) They follow up “Only on Earth is there any talk of free will.” (Slaughterhouse-five, 99.) This perhaps mirrors Vonnegut’s beliefs, and explains why Vonnegut satirizes the idea of change so often. In the novel, Vonnegut even mocks the old saying “G-d give me the serenity to accept

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737 words - 3 pages Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut"The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal," the story begins. "They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal in every which way." In this haunting story, Vonnegut probably wanted to warn our society of similar kind of equality, equality that can be fatal for human race. In this work the theme is only a minor feature and is not really developed. The idea probably intrigued Kurt

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1463 words - 6 pages essentially, Kurt Vonnegut. The narrator in the beginning talks about actually being at the Dresden firebombing and his urge to get it off his chest being the motivation for Billy’s story. Despite the similarities between Vonnegut and the narrator, he is still essentially a fictional character in the book, perhaps based off of Vonnegut himself. Several times in the novel, specifically in the POW camp in Dresden, the narrator jumps into first

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1295 words - 5 pages against it, but that is what the Tralfamadorians see in death, and that is what makes it just. It is just because Pilgrim has taken on a new perception of life in the novel, he now see's all deaths on the same level, just as the Tralfamadorians.The novel Slaughter-House Five by Kurt Vonnegut is a book that centers itself on the themes of the destructiveness of war as well as the illusion of free will. The book has numerous settings that integrate many

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835 words - 3 pages Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five or the Children's Crusade mixes degrees of autobiography, documentary, and fantasy in an attempt to produce a book about Dresden in the time period of World War II. The autobiographical aspect is apparent in the war scenes of the novel. And the documentary and the fantastic are demonstrated through a set of imaginary novels by Kilgore Trout and the main character, Billy Pilgrim. Vonnegut wrote Slaughterhouse

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1604 words - 6 pages and investigating these motifs, I decided that Billy was actually crazy. It perplexed me that Vonnegut wanted the reader to find this out by such strange means. It is part of his style; he uses this to involve the reader in his novel.Vonnegut, Kurt. Slaughter House-Five. 1969. N.p.: Dell, 1999. Print.

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1846 words - 7 pages affected by his experience in Dresden and these themes become evident in his novels. The common thread between all of Vonnegut's themes is war. The bombing of Dresden had a profound impact on the life and writing of Kurt Vonnegut. "Rarely has a single incident so dominated the work of a writer" (Goldsmith IX). World War II shaped many of Kurt Vonnegut's philosophies that appear in his novels, especially Slaughterhouse Five. "With Slaughterhouse Five