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This Essay Is Basically Just Research On Kenya...Different Activities, What People Do There, Eat, Etc.

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White sand beaches, fringed with palms, casuarinas, oleanders, and brilliant bougainvillea, washed by the incredible blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Kenya's coral reef thrives with a variety of life, and because of its immense size, you can tell many creatures lived there. First, I will write about sea turtles, and how they survived in the Kenyan coast. Then, I will write about Kenya's land, and creatures that live there. Finally, I will write about other varietys of fish living in its coast.To begin with, sea turtles thrive in Kenya's coast. "Despite the ban on the export/import of sea turtle products by about a hundred and twenty countries, all eight species are endangered or threatened worldwide." (Meda 2) After further investigation, it was revealed that a population of just one thousand to two thousand lived in the coast; including olive ridley, hawksbill, and the green turtle. They begin active life as tiny hatchlings, that dash for the sea against dismal odds, with less than a one per cent chance of living to maturity. (Meda 2) They lived over a hundred and fifty million years ago, before dinosaurs. (Meda 1) They have life spans of fifty to a hundred years, are the earth's oldest living vertebrate animals, and live in the ocean waters off all continents except Antarctica.Secondly, as the Kenyan coast is clean and pure, there are many ways to describe it. Its white sand beaches are lined with palms, casuarinas, oleanders, and brilliant bougainvillea, washed by the incredible blue waters of the Indian Ocean, refreshed by gentle monsoon breezes, and its wildlife sanctuaries are enchanting. (Sharta 3) There are animals in...

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1602 words - 6 pages person, maybe even more. Everyone that I love has fought for this country, grandfathers, uncles, my dad, and my husband. So I really do love this country and everything that we have fought for and tried to keep. The research for this paper has opened my eyes more to the fact that there will always be those to make a profit of someone else's losses. After all that is what sells papers. This was such a vast amount of information to try to compile into

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758 words - 3 pages LEDC's, in particular Sub-Saharan African nations, administrations have a tendency to be outlandishly corrupt. This leads to an unstable government, and therefore, conflict. There is often a lack of money involved as well. This is because a lot of aid given to the country is taken by the government and not dispersed to their people where it is needed. There is then no money to spend on making their development/farming sustainable. A lack of

This essay is a critique on how shrek depicts and discusses servral issues such as the theory of a utopia and how society view people who are different than the so called "norm"

1423 words - 6 pages problems in school from school work to making friends because there were groups the smart people, the athletes, the bullies and the geeks. Most of the time I was part of the geek group always outcast and not able to fit anywhere. I related to the film on this level because it seemed that no one tried to understand Shrek they just judged him and ran away in terror. Kids are cruel and from the beginning they put you into a specific group, they

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