This Essay Is In The Point Of View From A Business Owner That Wants To Improve His Employee Statis.

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1) Organizational changes would start with Specialization and Departmentalization, which are the building blocks of business organization. Specialization and Departmentalization will help Programmers clarify what there jobs are and what group (department) they are working in. Its also identify what responsibility you will have in the organization.Specialization would break up the programmers into serial deferent department giving the group more authority on product design. Now u have a group of people working toward the same common goal, what ever the department responsibility may Intel.Giving the Programmers more authority on product design would open the company for fresh new ideals. This would make the programmers feel that they are part of the organization success. Authority is the power to make decisions that are necessary to complete a task thus giving mangers power to make decisions.Employee authority would work best in a decentralization organization. Decision making authority would be delegated to various levels of management.This would free up the owners time to require more contracts for the company. It will also show that the owner have full confident that there employees are able to carry out responsibility. The purpose of decentralization is to make a company more responsive to it environment by breaking the company into more manageable units.Team authority would be good for the programmers because they are working has one unit having little supervision and having special authority.Intrapreneuring rewarding innovation by pay raise, bonuses, and time off. Giving a department full range to come up with new product keeps the juices flowing.2. Some organizational issues that determine a companies loyalty consist of respect, salary rates, benefits, and the work environment. If your company does not show respect its employees will eventually find a new place of employment. Most companies use groups to organize its employees. In the computer programming field they use application programmers and system programmers. Organizing your employees can help ease their work load.When thinking about competitive salary rates you should always be sure that more knowledgeable employees get the salary that they deserve. Some employees are in great interest about the benefits they receive. It is important to have a benefit package with good coverage.Having a...

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964 words - 4 pages I had been waited for suddenly came into focus "For this, this gold, these jewels, I thank our Father in Heaven, Ruler of the Earth- For all of this, that his grade has given me, allowed me to bring to my people while breath still came to my lips. I sold my life well for this treasure, and I sold it well. Take what I leave, Wiglaf, lead my people. Help them; my time is gone. Have the brave Geats build me a tomb. When the funeral flames have

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776 words - 3 pages follow/obey any of the five parts, you are still a believer of God and you follow his teachings.Preachers are merely the puppets that God has. I am not questioning religion however. Everyone has the right to believe what they wish, however for the sake of the paper I will think about the African American's point of view on religion. Mainly what it boils down to is that since slavery took place in the history of African Americans, the issue of

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703 words - 3 pages it definitely must have been a long time. Calling them savages just shows how close-minded and uncivilized we actually are.If we had left at least half of America for the Indians to stay on, there would have been much less of this unfortunate confrontation that has led to us oppressing them and them hating us. Now we are trying to enforce this Indian Removal Act to take even more land from them. To say that this Act is good and fair is

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1531 words - 6 pages or to provide consumers with a valuable service."If Kelsey is right, his statement then blends perfectly with the marketing concept. Since the marketing concept is the attitude that business decisions should be based on what the consumer wants and stresses the importance and link between an organisation's long term survival and success by meeting its customer's desires. In this context, the customers the capital goods manufacturer would focus on

To Build a Fire: Alternate Ending - This is a creative writing assignment that replaced the ending of "To Build a Fire" by Jack London from around the point when the fire went out.

742 words - 3 pages cave and soon fell asleep cuddled with the warmth of his dog. The sleep was fitful and dreamless and the cold woke him throughout the night. No matter what he did, he could get no rest.When he awoke in the early hours of arctic daylight his dog was not to be found. He knew that the situation would be grave without his dog, his only lifeline in this survival scenario from hell. Before anything could happen, he needed to find his dog quickly. At

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644 words - 3 pages Life is a right held by all creatures on the universe, everything has life; however, everything also has it's own character or individuality. Every person is his or her own self and does what he or she wishes to do to a certain extent. Many people are opposed to an individuals decision on life they should realize that in America people have the freedom to do what they want.In Roman times, abortion ans the destruction of unwanted children was

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1043 words - 4 pages is hard to keep up with diabetes and putting lots of efforts just to see little effects is not worth it.He may also feels guilty about his failure in not sticking to the treatment prescribed and therefore he may be tempted to skip his blood tests to avoid evidence of the consequences.To avoid this problem, Dr Polonsky suggest that health care providers should help patients to construct a self-care goals that are realistic with time limited

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2620 words - 10 pages people watching it as they can identify with them. In A View from the Bridge, the fact that Eddie is an ordinary man who has to provide for his family creates a kind of social realism that people can and like to relate to. The often colloquial language and action just adds to the atmosphere of the plays. Many plays throughout history have attempted realism but not many have been able to captivate an audience well enough for it to be recognised. I

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790 words - 3 pages make himself sound like the happiest boy in the world. As the reader one can easily tell Holden does not like life so far.Throughout Catcher in the Rye Holden is depressed and has a very pessimistic view of the world. It does not take much thought to figure out why. His brother died when they both were young, he never mourned properly, and he always thinks about his brother as well as even referring to him as if he were still alive. This is

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1051 words - 4 pages convinces herself of her importance in this grand play and that "no doubt, somebody would have noticed is she hadn't been there"(51). When the young couple seated beside her begin to talk, Miss Brill listens intently to their conversation. It is then that she hears them talk of her the way she has been viewing the other elderly people throughout the afternoon. "Why does she come here at all - who wants her"(52)? The omniscient point of view allows the

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