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This Essay Is Written About Classifications Of Women In My School.

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Women Unhingedby ElectrostasisIt is very difficult to decipher the complex "code" of women, and even harder to comprehend their personalities. While you are intently scouring the Toledo High School campus for a significant other, there are some types of women to watch for and avoid. Great amounts of thought have brought me to conclude that there are 4 types of women to avoid here at THS. These include: the tyrant, the emotional, the chameleon, and the ditz. You will soon be able to pick out these types of women, and learn to avoid them when looking for a mate.Our first subject, and also one of the most frequent, is what I like to call the "tyrant". She will seem innocent at first, but she is actually a wolf in sheep's clothing. Your initial relationship will seem normal, but soon she will start demanding that you do everything for her and will not take "No," for an answer. I would advise to get out now while you still own your legs. She will begin ordering you around, and if you submit, she will use and abuse you for all you are worth. This sort of relationship is more destructive than constructive, and will potentially hurt you. You will not regret "moving-on" as you look back at your life in the future.Our second subject to avoid is sometimes called the chameleon. Also known as the "follower" or "groupie", the chameleon has no real personality to call her own. Her personality is about as stable as an autumn leaf blowing in the wind. You are sure to like at least one of her personalities, but there are far more that I'm sure you will not like. Once you really get to know her, you will understand that she has a specific personality for whomever she is hanging out with. With certain friends she will seem like a perfect angel, but with others she will act like a devil. We all know at least one of these people no matter what school we go to. With age you will realize that chameleons reside in every aspect of life, including the workplace. She is definitely one to avoid. She has no originality, but copies what everyone else does, and mimics it in front of other people. Keep your distance from the chameleon; less you be sucked into her trance.Third comes the subject I call the "Ditz". Many words are used to describe this type of girl, but some are not worth telling. She is...

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