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This Essay Is Written In The Style Of Edgar Allen Poe. It Is Called Impenetrable Darkness

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Impenetrable DarknessIt was a dark deaf dreary night in winter, when the moon floated among the black blanket of the celestial sky, I had just stepped off the comfort of the bright lit safe train when I found myself on the cold frosted platform of Oberursel Bahnhof train station. The roar of the extensive stalwart train exceeded past me leaving only a whisper and strong gush of ice cold wind waking me from my fantasy of warmth and safety. Shocked, I stood there, realizing I must flee from the freezing bite of the wind and snow, pondering upon which direction I ...view middle of the document...

I began my journey walking across the chilled metallic railroad track, cautiously observing my every move to make certain I would not fall on the mirror of white smooth ice. I proceeded toward the direction of the cemetery with little knowledge of the horrific legend that is told among all the happy Germanic citizens of the town. I arrived staring into the empty darkness of the cemetery which was supposedly haunted by Herr Hochstädter, the rich rude stingy man who was killed by his own wealth, it is said that you could here his heart beat and breathes if you listen closely among the naked bony branches of the cemetery. I gathered up the little courage I possessed and continued on through the black emptiness of the hauntingly possessed graveyard. I advanced through making my way when out of the shadows of the gloom came a rustling noise of some sort, in fear I froze dead in my tracks straining hard to listen for any clue to what on this godly planet that noise had been. Anxiety flooded over me with my instincts I finally got the urge to flee from this horrendous place of death and spirits. I jumped and bolted straight out towards the safety of my residence. Out of the cemetery I flew past the forest, up the street running panting, exhaustion over came me when I saw the bright light of warmth and protection of my humble home.

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2776 words - 11 pages the time period would have been blurry. It would have been virtually impossible for some one who didn't know Poe to recognize him on the street, proving that it may have been possible for this to have been his demise. Another theory of what caused Poe's death is that he was beaten up, either by strangers or someone he knew, and left for dead. In his book "Midnight Dreary: The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe", John Walsh blames the

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1797 words - 7 pages . Poe, Edgar Allen. The Letters of Edgar Allen Poe. Ed. John Ward Ostrom. Cambridge, MA: Oxford University Press, 1948. Poe, Edgar Allen. The Raven, Internet, WISE, 3rd of April 1997. Griest, Stephanie. “Undying Devotion: Cemeteries Turn Down Celebrities Whose Fans Won't Let Them Rest In Peace". The Washington Post., July 15, 1995, Sec:D STYLE, I. Parker, Jamie. Who Is Buried in Edgar Poe's Grave, Internet, WISE, 3rd of April, 1997.

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927 words - 4 pages America honors a writer each year with the Edgar statuette. Poe is also considered to be a pioneer of science fiction and the horror story. His work as a critic earned him a title as the first great literary critic in American literature. Conclusion: Edgar Allen Poe suffered from what is now known as manic depression, and his gothic tales and dark poetry are direct examples of how life influences art. His works may not have been as controversial

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1234 words - 5 pages ). Edgar Allen Poe captures a lot of reader's attention with his mysterious poems and short stories. "Poe holds a troubled and unique place in our national literature. Which he has maintained a popular appeal, right into our own time, that few if any writers of his era can match. Poe is the only classic writer taught at school whose work teenagers have enjoyed without qualifications" (Allen 1). Everything that Poe wrote was not a success, but his big

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