This Essay Gives You An Idea Of How Anorexic People Live.

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AnorexiaLovejit SinghEvery woman's objective in the world is to be just like the sexy model from T.V. which every guy is attracted to. That is the main cause of many women for being anorectic. Many judgments and conjecture are made about this illness. For a greater understanding of this disease, it must be viewed from an anthropological, psychological and a sociological point of view. It will permit an in detail study of the disease, anorexia.AnthropologyAnorexia is a mental illness and a physical illness where people who purposely starve themselves because they are obsessed with being thin. Anorexic people are very frightened of gaining weight. Even though they are slim, when they look at themselves through a mirror, they see themselves as a fat person. People with anorexia ignore their hunger and control their desire to eat. Death may occur from starvation or suicide. People with anorexia have low self-esteem and need control of their surroundings and emotions. (1, 6, 7, 8) Anorexia is a disorder characterized by deliberate attempts to lose weight, usually by voluntary starvation, but also by inducing vomiting, abusing laxatives and exercising (10)The first place where Anorexia was discovered was in England in the 17th Century, even though it probably existed long before that. (2)It was identified as an illness by modern medicine just over one hundred years ago by Professor Ernest Lasegue of the University of Paris. (2)The cause of anorexia is the interaction of the number of factors including social, cultural, biological, psychological and personality factors. (9)PsychologyWho does this disease affect?Anorexia usually occurs in a girls teenage years, often around the age of 16 or 17, but it may also affect older women, young men and children nearing puberty. It is uncommon in women after the age of 30. (3) The disorder is thought to be most common among whites, people of higher socioeconomic classes, and people involved in activities where thinness is especially looked upon, such as dancing, theater, and distance running. Surveys have also suggested that Anorexia affects only one or two percent of people. But it is much more common in females, affecting approximately 9 females to every 1 male. (9) Adolescent girls, perfectionist, member of weight-conscious families, victims of early sexual traumas and teens with low self-image are mostly at risk to develop anorexia. (10)SymptomsIf your body weight is 15% or more below the normal body weight, it leads to a diagnosis of anorexia. Other symptoms include an intense fear of becoming fat even if your underweight, disturbance of body image and people with anorexia deny that their body weight isn't low but instead high. At the secondary symptoms, many experience slow heart rates, low blood pressure and low body temperature. Also they suffer from depression, obsession and compulsions. (5)Early symptoms of anorexia include low self-esteem, misperception of hunger, feelings of lack of control and...

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