This Essay Showcases The Founding Brothers As More Than Politicians And Figures Enthroned In History Books, But As People With Ulterior Intentions And Biting Intellect.

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"You have in a common cause fought and triumphed together; the Independence and Liberty you possess are the work of joint counsels, and joint efforts, of common dangers, sufferings, and successes."-George Washington's Farewell AddressIt's easy for the common man to take for granted the stability of the United States government. A government system that is copied throughout the world, and is seen as the standard for democracy internationally and that has lasted for more than two centuries. No doubt, the much-matured government is thriving now, but just how well founded was it in its infancy? Many believe the government was on the brink of collapse, and as luck would have it any other way, would not have survived the fissures caused by differing political ideology. The only thing that really separated the new government from the same fate as other European-Colonies-turned-free, namely collapse and/or corruption, was a combination of strong leadership, a good constitution, and a fair amount of luck.We can first take a look at state of unity in the States, because unity is often a crucial factor in success of revolutions. Beyond that, there needed to be at least mutual understanding to create the Constitution in the US. (Although framing the Constitution took many debates, committee decisions, and very careful wording) That's the easy part. No revolution would be successful without some sense of a base of support among not only the leaders, but among the people of the revolting entity. After the revolution, everyone united around Washington, a hero of the war. The people loved him, adored him, and deified him.George Washington was a Federalist, the first and foremost prominent Federalist, and the first President in office. He set the standard for future Presidents by instituting many Federalist causes while in office. Those who opposed Federalist ideology formed the Republican political party. Thus started the first official rift of many to come.Political parties in the early 1700's were very different from the way they are now. The parties then were polar opposites, and one could hardly expect to find anything closely bipartisan. Vicious arguments resulting from party feuds were not uncommon. A classic example of this would be Burr and Hamilton. Both political giants in their respective parties offended each other via correspondents so much that they dueled. This clash of "honor" ended in Hamilton dying, and subsequently, Burr being banished from the political world. In one historic moment, two titans of influence were immediately taken out of the US government picture. It's safe to say that political unity, at least on the surface, was not present.Also, when Washington left office, his un-elected successors had huge shoes to fill. They were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. Jefferson was a soft Republican, and Adams was a staunch Federalist. Adams controlled the northern votes, while Jefferson had the support of Virginia, his home state, and all...

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