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This Essay Shows The Resistance And Accomadation Of Native Americans On Europeans. Shows The Devastating Affects Of Each Style Of Conquest. Reference To James Wilson "The Earth Shall Weep"

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Cultural AttackThe Native Americans were living a peaceful and fulfilling life living off the land until the Europeans arrived. Most of the conquest was through war but they were also able to conquer culturally. Many tribes resisted and responded to the Europeans in different ways. Accommodation was always first, but when accommodation fails, resistance is always the last resource. Each impact had its devastating affects. The Europeans migrated in to America, established trade and schools while creating a mission system; they earned the trust of the Native Americans but in the end left them with nothing.As the Europeans arrived to the Great Plains and far West they created a great trade relationship with the Native Americans. It became the key to their relationship. It was for the Native Americans point of view, a form of ceremonial gift exchange with the newcomers. Trade networks brought shells from the Gulf of California eastwards to the Great Plains. In addition, pottery and other goods were brought from the Southwest. This enabled the East to connect to the South. Guns and metal were brought and exchanged for hides when French and Mexican traders visited in the 1730s around the Black Hills. This increase trade in guns transformed both hunting and warfare. They were now able to kill animals and people from a distance. They adapted by acquiring more guns to be more powerful. Although the Native Americans did not know it at the time, trade between Europeans had its devastating effect. Trading brought new, lethal diseases. The Mandans, for instance, were struck by a disease and by 1837 had been reduced from 15,000 to fewer than 2,000. Diseases struck all along the plains and reduced the number of Native Americans.Although many were dieing acquiring of guns enabled the Native Americans to fight against the Americans equally. Without trade they would have not had a chance against the Americans during war time. Native Americans changed their way of life, adapted into the European way and it all started with trade with the Europeans. Most of all the Native Americans responded to the trade conquest thinking it was not a bad thing and so continued to trade. They adapted to this by continuing and allowing the Europeans to trade with them. Soon the Europeans moved from a trade conquest to occupation of land.As news traveled East that gold was discovered in California, Americans began to migrate West. The colonization Act of 1824 encourages Mexican Americans to migrate to California. The government provided huge land grants and told them they could obtain peasants in the missions. Some tribes were able to adapt to the growing numbers of settlers like the Yokuts, Miwok and the Wappo people who had become semi-nomadic guerrillas. They tried to resist the Europeans by fighting for their land, they would not give it up easily but when they saw that it was time to go they did. If they didn't want to go into the missions or stay on reservations they had to find...

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