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This Essay Talks About How To Start You Own Club Having To Do With Amnesty International, The Human Rights Organization.

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The Amnesty MissionAmnesty International is a globally acclaimed organization that helps to protect the basic human rights of people all over the world through campaigns, donations, and volunteer work. Amnesty international is a self-governed organization that neither supports nor opposes any one political policy or political leader. Rather it strives to maintain a vision of rights as written in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights. Amnesty International sponsors a number of issues at a time for the advocation of human rights. In our club, one issue will be chosen at a time based on the interests and support of the majority of the members in the Uni Amnesty. The issue will be publicized and promoted for a number of weeks through low to high level campaigning tactics with an emphasis on donating to our cause. All donations received through campaigning and publicizing efforts will be sent to the Amnesty International donation center for our specific cause. Thus, our club not only makes an effort to donate to a cause, but also spreads awareness of the issue and of the Amnesty International organization. Members of Uni Amnesty will not only be able to receive vast amounts of community service hours for each issue, but will also have the satisfaction of being part of a politically activist group "working to protect human rights worldwide."Each issue that is chosen will follow a basic strategy in raising donations. The issues will each endure for the period of about one month during which time low to high level campaigning and publicizing tactics will be utilized to communicate our issue to the public. The month long period will culminate in a large campaign in a crowded place consisting of speakers, debates, and information on the issue. Their will be a donation box nearby for passerby interested in assisting our cause to donate to Amnesty International. Also flyers with an address to which donations may be sent will also be given out to all passerby during the month long campaign.In the first level, Uni Amnesty will gather support and justification for our cause from students, administration, and local people. In the first phase flyers publicizing and containing information about the issue will be handed out during school and at other public places. Also, teach-ins and tabling, in which we can personally educate and answer questions about the topic, will be set up. Other tactics such as publicizing our issue through posters, word of mouth, and even the school paper will be practiced.Middle level tactics are more confrontational and are used as supplementation to low level tactics. These are set in motion after the public is slightly educated an interested in the issue. These tactics are mainly used to raise the profile of the campaign and get people eager to support the cause. Medium level tactics include large banner hangs in crowded places and small debates or speak outs to controlled crowds during a fairly short period of time. These tactics...

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