This Essay Discusses The Imporatnce Of Cultural Awareness When A Company Intends To Enter A Foriegn Market

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Let me just start off by saying that in today's business world, with the fast paced global expansion of many companies, cultural awareness is one of the most important aspects that any business must take into consideration before expanding. In a strategic plan of expanding your company globally, cultural and linguistic differentiations are some of the most sustainable features that a company should take into consideration. Some of the cultural mistakes made and discussed in the two assigned articles demonstrate that failure to become familiar with a country's cultures can often be detrimental to the success of that company. Even taking into consideration that fact that the business men and women of those various cultures tend to "laugh off" the cross-cultural faux pas, they still play a factor in every deal.As I stated in the introduction, cultural awareness is a very important aspect to any business that plans to enter the global market. This is evidenced by the cultural mistakes that are discussed within the two articles we were assigned to read for this paper. Some of the cultural mistakes I noted in the two articles were things such as the agricultural official passing out green hats, the Canadian winemaker inadvertently saying that Chinese and Japanese cultures were very similar, the idea of buying expensive clocks as "gifts commemorating the closing of a deal", giving umbrellas or books as gifts, the Italian restaurant having a name that sounded much like the Shanghainese for "not cheap", the importance of the significance of color caught by Shanghai employees, and the pricing of a product at 250 Yuan to name a few. There were however, many other examples of cross cultural faux pas listed in the article as well.Now that I have identified some of the cultural mistakes discussed in the assigned articles, I will discuss how I feel international companies should approach foreign markets from the perspective of culture. First of all, I believe that a company should, like Dr. Gold stated in his lecture, "recognize and respect" the culture of the company that they intend to expand into. In my opinion, most American businessmen and businesswomen, in fact, most Americans in general, are very ethnocentric. They seem to think that "America is the greatest country in the world" and that we, as American businesses are doing those countries a favor by expanding into them. I have also heard business people say things such as "why should I learn a foreign language, English is the international language of business." In my opinion, beliefs such as those are a surefire way to leading your business into failure in the international markets.First and foremost, if you expect to be successful in a foreign market, you should take the time to learn the customs within that market area. For example, if you are in the business of selling cheeseburgers and you tried to expand into a country where it is forbidden to eat meat...

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