This Essay Tells You All The Reasons For Why The Parthenon Is A Special Example Of A Greek Temple, During The Greek Classical Period.

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History of ArtIn what ways was the Parthenon an unusual example of a temple in Greece of the 5th century B.C. Relate its unusual features to the historical and political circumstances in 5th Century Athens.When you look at the Parthenon and try to show what is different about it, and why this difference has occurred, you must look at it in the eyes of the Athenians in the 5th Century, and how they would have seen it. This is what I will try to do in this essay, with the help of what we know now about the political history in Greece of that time.The first thing that you notice about the Parthenon as a temple, isn't the actual building itself, it is the rest of the acropolis, the surrounding buildings. Most Greek temples wouldn't have had this, and the fact that it is all surrounded by a wall, with only one entrance, means that there is something inside worth protecting. Also the fact that it is on a hill firstly means it is closer to the gods, which makes it more holy in a sense, but also it is easier to defend from military invasion. The Acropolis and therefore the Parthenon being on a hill also made it the central landmark in Athens, or the most important thing in Athens that people could look up to and admire.When you enter the Acropolis the Parthenon is the largest building inside of it, as we would expect a temple to be, but the first thing different about the Parthenon is what it is made of. The whole of the temple was made of marble. This was the only temple in ancient Greece to be entirely made of marble. Other temples may have had marble sculptures or other bits of marble but none of them were made entirely of marble. This was extremely special because, firstly marble is very expensive, compared to other stones, and secondly because marble is so hard to transport, in particular because there weren't a lot of quarries. The closest quarry was twenty miles away, which meant that it must have taken a lot of money and effort just to get this marble to the site of the Parthenon.Another thing different about the Parthenon compared with other Temples of the time was the amount of sculpture on it. There was a huge amount of sculpture on the Parthenon, this depicted Greek warriors fighting in the nude against barbarians such as amazons. The Greek soldiers fighting nude gave them the impression of being pure, a propaganda image for the time, which was a main feature of the temple, and even though the sculptures didn't portray the actual Persian soldiers fighting, because of the time, these scenes were almost definitely depicting the fighting between Greek and...

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