This Essay Was Written As A Business Concept For A Unique Small Business. I Developed The Concept For This Business And Had To Write A Paper On It.

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Tail WaggersSmall Business Management - Spring 2003Table of ContentsIntroduction ....................................... 3Industry Trends ................................... 3Demographics / Target Market ................. 8Competition ...................................... 13Competitive Advantage ........................ 21Appendix - Bibliography ...................... 25Introduction:Tail Waggers is a group of dog-loving people who will provide dog walking, dog grooming and dog sitting services in their owner's homes. We will provide these services on a daily basis, only on certain days, or for extended periods of time. Our basic services include visiting the pet in their home, taking them for a walk, playing with them, feeding them and straightening their area. The home visits will be scheduled in 20 to 30 minute intervals. In addition, we will offer an array of expanded services that include grooming the dogs in the comfort of their own home, overnight dog sitting, and referrals to obedience training programs.Industry Trends:The economy plays an important role in a small business. It is important to understand the factors that affect the economy in order to decide if the new venture will have the desired outcome. Factors that affect economy include the inflation rate, interest rate, and unemployment. Right now United States is suffering a mild recession that is affecting some states more than others. Our business will operate in central New Jersey, specifically in Princeton, Plainsboro and West Windsor. The chamber of commerce in New Jersey stated that "New Jersey economy appears on track for a slow recovery following a mild recession. The overall inflation outlook remains very good with the New York / New Jersey consumers. The price index is rising at an average 1.7 percent for the first six month of this year". Job growth in the central Jersey has expanded by .3 percent compare by the first half of 2001. Growth was vigorous in the Monmouth-ocean area and in the Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon area. Personal income in New Jersey still managed to exceed the US average of 1.7 percent compare to an 1.3 percent gain in PA and barely +.3 percent in NY. These facts give us the confidence that we need to coordinate our business plan and try our new venture.Technology in our business will be very important because it will provide us with better methods to control our accounts and customers. Our technology structure will be formed by computers, telecommunication devices, and other office devices such as fax, and printer. In our computer system, we will organize the data in a traditional file environment so we can access and retrieve information as needed. We will utilize a scheduling / client database program to keep our appointments and client information in an organized manner. This will give us accurate and relevant information for our business. Our telecommunication devices will consist of cellular, 2-way radios and telephones. This will allow for...

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1287 words - 5 pages rope, "house," and hopscotch (Holloway). He also remembers being extremely close to, or clingy, towards his mother. He remembers holding the title as, "Mommy's Little Helper" (Holloway). He was the little boy that would have preferred to help his mother in the kitchen or go shopping with her than to play kickball or wrestle outside with the other little boys. I believe that everyone can identify with having known a little boy that matched this

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1559 words - 6 pages . Eventually your dad signals that the food is done, and you quickly snap back to reality. You run to your dad, and the food, your grab a bun. Your mouth begins to water, and you can't wait to take your first bite. You grab a sausage and chomp down. The delicious piece of meat is just what you've been waiting for. You can feel it run down your throat and into your stomach because it is still hot, seeing as it had just came of the grill. At

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573 words - 2 pages -neck. The mother, oblivious to the cashier's irritation, was playing with the baby, swaying her gently back and forth, smiling at her, and tickling her nose."No, actually, I'd like a grande iced caramel frap as well, and some milk for this precious little angel. She is such a doll! Oh, and would you mind heating that milk up for me? Her tummy can't handle the cold," replied the woman, refocusing her attention on her daughter and continuing, "No you

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