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Causes of the Civil WarThe main cause of the Civil War was slavery. The southern states depended on slavery to support their economy. The southerners used slaves to produce crops, especially cotton. The debate between the north and south was that should slavery be permitted in the western territories. The north was against slavery so they were worried about it expanding over into the western territories.The American Revolution had been fought to validate the idea that all men were created equal. At the Constitutional Convention there were arguments over slavery. Representatives of the northern states claimed that if the southern slaves were mere property, then they should not be counted toward voting representation in Congress. A compromise settled an argument over whether slaves would be counted as part of a state's population (if they were counted, southern representation would increase). The convention agreed to count each slave as three-fifths of a person.Slavery wasn't the only reason why the war broke out. The north wanted to grant the federal government increased powers. The south wanted to reserve all powers to the individual states. The north also wanted internal improvements sponsored by the federal government. This was more roads, railroads, and canals. The south, on the other hand, did not want these projects to be done at all.When new territories became available in the west, the south wanted to expand and use slavery in the territories. But the north opposed to this and wanted to stop the extension of slavery into new territories. The north wanted to limit the number of slave states in...

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What caused the Civil War? Essay

848 words - 3 pages the power, and if any of the states can secede and lead their own government. First to do this is South Carolina with the Nullification of 1823.The South didn't want any intrusion by the government or the North. There were also obvious economic differences between the two. The North was focused on industry and cities, whereas agriculture and farms were important in the South.These very important events and the underlying causes of slavery and states' rights brought about the inevitable Civil War.

DBQ Causes of civil war: "Civil war was not inevitable; It was caused by extremists and failures in leadreships on both sides". Support or refute this argument

928 words - 4 pages . Sumner clash. This event could have largely been avoided if Brooks had kept a cooler head. But this event drew a large number of Republican votes, which in turn would help jump-start the civil war. This was because the Republicans, a new party, were anti slavery and also the party that Abraham Lincoln would eventually join. Another major event that triggered the civil war was the Dred Scott Decision. This decision was largely unfair as it

The events that caused the civil war

1008 words - 4 pages author, Harriet Beecher Stowe herself from the North couldn't have known the state of the Slaves in the South. The abolitionists and the Northerners who were afraid of the rapid spread of Slavery didn't buy into the explanation given by the South and kept the retaliation going. This particular issue that lead to the Civil War shows how fragile the situation was, the response to a book showed how much tension existed between both sides.From 1818

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631 words - 3 pages Pangermanism.Brooks 2Another factor, which contributed to the increase in rivalry in Europe, was imperialism. Great Britain, Germany and France needed foreign markets after the increase in manufacturing caused by the Industrial Revolution. These countries completed for economic expansion in Africa. Although Britain and France resolved their differences in Africa; several crises foreshadowing the war involved the clash of Germany against Britain

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1430 words - 6 pages The First World War (WWI) was a global war started in Europe from 1914 until 1918 that killed over 9 million soldiers as according to Van Tol, Ottery & Keith (2012). This huge, bloody war was caused by many different factors, such as colonial rivalries, militarism and the alliance system which centred in Europe. Most importantly, the July Crisis in 1914 – began with the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand – was the immediate cause of World War

What caused First World War?

1266 words - 5 pages . Therefore, Europe was divided by two major super powers, the Triple Alliance and the Triple entente. On June 28, 1914, the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife by Serbian student, Gavrilo Princip became the spark of WW1, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbian. During this war, 38 countries joined gradually, Asia, Europe, Africa three continents and Pacific Ocean, Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea became main battle fields. The two

What Caused The Second World War? Who Was To Blame?

2324 words - 10 pages the Nazi party with their aggressive policies and actions, in my opinion, are to blame for the war. However, many others are responsible for allowing Hitler and Germany to be in this position and infact, the Treaty of Versailles, aiming to prevent another war, had a huge effect on Hitler coming to power in Germany and achieving a position of power from which a war could take place.Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. In 1919 he joined and

What caused WWII and a summary of the war

1934 words - 8 pages war to what Hitler retaliated to when he came to power as he build a militia Due to economic problems in their countries the axis Powers seeks territorial expansion supporting Communism and fascism for their country. These countries were aggressors as Mussolini took over Ethiopia and Japan seized control of what was left of Manchuria and parts of China for it's rich resources due to it's own poor land to which it had to be dependent on others. The

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742 words - 3 pages With dead bodies strewn about, and memories of gruesome battles still fresh in their minds, Europe wondered: Who caused this war? With the Triple Entente victorious over the Triple Alliance, and Germany being the most aggressive member of the Alliance, British, French, and Russian fingers all pointed to Germany, pinning upon them responsibility for the war, and demanding compensation for all loss and damage. They made this official in the Treaty


727 words - 3 pages declare war. However, America did show an act of aggression towards Mexico before Mexico showed aggression at the Thornton affair. It was the American’s fault because they violated Mexico’s territory for their own greed. America’s greed is what caused their relationship with Mexico to stumble and form into a war. Mexico sought out justice for the United States annexing Texas. What America lacked was that they did not have the right intentions when

What Caused The Dust Bowl?

2393 words - 10 pages What Caused the Dust Bowl? One of America’s most beloved books is John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath. The book portrays a family, the Joads, who leave Oklahoma and move to California in search of a more prosperous life. Steinbeck’s book garnered acclaim both from critics and from the American public. The story struck a chord with the American people because Steinbeck truly captured the angst and heartbreak of those directly impacted by the

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686 words - 3 pages DBQ: What Caused the Civil War?Proslavery and antislavery civilians clash. The "tea cup sitting close to the edge of the table" (Background Essay) begins to rattle heavily and almost fall off. The Civil War has begun. This "war between the states" shows that extremity of differences in opinions can lead to violence and death. There were over 618,000 casualties by the end of the war, which lasted from 1861 to 1865. So, what lead to this wildness

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876 words - 4 pages The Civil War, the bloodiest conflict in America, erupted in 1861 as a result of differences between the northern and southern states in the United States. Among these diversities in politics, economics, geography, and society, social and political differences were the most significant. The Election of 1860 and the Dred-Scott Decision politically led to the outcome of war. In addition, social disagreements including the Fugitive Slave Act and

What Caused The Civil War? Essay

1982 words - 8 pages , Alabama where they drafted a constitution for the Confederate States of America. This outraged the North and what was led to the Civil War.Many different efforts were made to save the Union and prevent a war. James Buchanan believed the Constitution did not allow the North to take any action against the South. An effort was made on February 4th by the Virginia Legislature who called a conference of the states at Washington D.C. Representatives were