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This Evil Is In All Of Us

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Buddha once said, “It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.” This idea is demonstrated in William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, as it depicts the message that man is naturally evil through various events in the plot, through its use of symbolism, and through the thoughts and actions of the characters.
First off, the idea that man is evil by nature is illustrated through the events that take place during the plot. As they spend more time on the island, the boys begin to lose control of themselves, including their emotions, thoughts and actions. They start to realize that they can do whatever they want without dealing with any consequences, no matter how ...view middle of the document...

After this gruesome scene, they laugh and joke about the kill, showing no guilt or remorse for the death of a living creature. Robert wildly roared, “Right up her ass!” (149) when referring to how he killed the sow, revealing his barbaric attitude. The boys then display the pig’s head on a stick – a symbol of the boys’ brutal and senseless killing. Furthermore, Jack’s knife used in the deliberate killing of harmless creatures. With the use of this tool, the desire to kill has become a part of Jack that gives him delight and amusement, and brings out a savage, evil quality in him. In other words, Jack’s use of his knife represents the evil within men. Thus, the symbols presented in Lord of the Flies both stand for the boys’ wicked choices, proving that all humans evil by nature.
Lastly, the theme that man is naturally evil is portrayed through the thoughts of the characters Ralph and Simon. Since the beginning of the novel, Ralph is perceived as a good-natured, kind boy. However, Ralph participated in the murder of Simon, while still somewhat aware that what they were attacking was not a beast. During a storm while wildly dancing, chanting and imitating the kill of a pig, Simon emerges out of the forest, mistaken as a beast by the others. This causes everyone to panic, scream, stab, kick and tear poor Simon apart. Ralph is aware that the body being savagely torn apart below him is not a beast, but does not come to his senses until the morning after. This is proven...

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