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My life has had its ups and downs and, for that, I am utterly grateful; for it has made me a stronger and better person. As a child, I had a simple but fruitful childhood. I was born before one in the afternoon, and I am told that I was welcomed with much love on February 13, 1992, in National City, California. I was named after my father’s youngest brother to commemorate his honor. I would be the last child my parents would ever have. My father had been married twice and fathered a total of five boys. Growing up, I would say, that we as a family, had our ups and downs just like any other family; however, our ups and downs, in the end, ultimately, always brought us closer and closer –we learned to lean on each other, to support one another, to preserve each other. This, I believe, helped me for what was to come. In my early years, my mother fell into an illness that she would never overcome. It vastly impacted my life in the most dramatic way possible. After her passing, it was like a great icon in my life was now gone… an icon that would never return. The months that followed were the hardest in my life. But with the help of my loving father and brothers I would prevail; I would eventually fill this hole in my heart and raise to an enhanced me. The void left from my mother’s passing helped bring the family even closer; it was like a cliché: for the most intense of hopes come from the saddest tragedies.
In my high school years I worked a part-time job, to help out the family with whatever I could. I worked at a movie theater. My daily routine would be: school, work and then coming home after a five-hour shift to work on homework for a few hours, which ended around ten or eleven pm. I would then fall sound asleep. Then the cycle would repeat itself, a cycle that lasted two years. Working was never really a major problem for me. I...

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