This Was A Research Paper For Intro To The Internet Class

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SOURCESWWW Pages pace/king/dt-faq.html pace/king/sk-faq.html pace/king/results.html Sites King was born September 21, 1947, in Portland, Maine. He still lives in Maine, in the town of Bangor. He describes Bangor, in a "Playboy" article, as a "hard-working; hard drinking town". His parents are Nellie Ruth Pillsbury and Donald King. His father left when Stephen was three and has not been seen or heard from since. In 1971, Stephen married Tabitha Spruce. They have three children: Naomi, Joe, and Owen Philip.Stephen King is a best-selling author, who writes horror stories. King published his first novel, Carrie, in 1974. It would never have happened, but for Tabitha King. Stephen King was writing short stories at the time, and Carrie was getting too long. He through the manuscript away, but Tabitha rescued it from the garbage can and persuaded him to finish it. According to King, his latest releases are actually "twins". He released Desperation and The Regulators in September of this year. There are supposedly weird parallels between these books.I have been reading Stephen King since the late seventies, and he is my favorite author. He writes under his own name, and also the pseudonym Richard Bachman. I have a complete list of all his novels:CarrieSalem's LotRage (as Richard Bachman)The ShiningNight ShiftThe StandThe Long Walk (as Richard Bachman)The Dead ZoneFirestarterRoadwork (as Richard Bachman)CujoDanse MacabreCreepshowThe Running Man (as Richard Bachman)The Dark Tower: The GunslingerDifferent SeasonsChristinePet SemataryThe Talisman (with Peter Straub)Thinner (as Richard Bachman)Cycle of the WerewolfSkeleton CrewItThe Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the ThreeThe Eyes of the DragonMiseryThe TommyknockersNightmares in the Sky (with Peter Straub)The Dark HalfThe Stand: Uncut EditionFour Past MidnightNeedful ThingsThe Dark Tower III: The Waste LandsDelores ClaiborneGerald's GameNightmares and DreamscapesInsomniaRose MadderThe Green Mile (serial)The Regulators (as Richard Bachman)DesperationI have read almost every one of these books. In fact, the only ones I have not read are: Nightmares in the Sky, Cycle of the Werewolf, The Running Man, Danse Macabre, Roadwork, and The Long Walk. I am sure I will read those too.Stephen King also writes screenplays, which have achieved varying degrees of success. His first screenplay, Carrie, was in 1976. His latest screenplay is Thinner, and is in theaters now. I have a complete list of screenplays by Stephen King:CarrieSalem's LotThe ShiningCreepshowCujoThe Dead ZoneChristineThe Woman in the RoomChildren of the CornFirestarterCat's EyeSilver BulletThe BoogeymanWord Processor of the Gods (for Tales From the Darkside)Maximum OverdriveStand by MeGrammaCreepshow 2The Last...

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This is a project for my Intro to Pyschology class on anorexia nervosa.

1172 words - 5 pages but it results from a combination of cultural, interpersonal, and biological factors- Increase in frequency of anorexia is thought to stem from increase in the idealization of thinness as a symbol of beauty- Adolescent onset is linked to the crisis caused by connection between the changing of one's body and society's overstressed importance on looks (especially that of women)- Risk of disorder is higher amid adolescents preparing for careers

This paper was written about the US Army Special Forces Branch. It was written for a military science class. A-.

1295 words - 5 pages Fort Bragg. It was at this point, in the fall of 1961, that President Kennedy began to display particular interest in the Special Forces. His enthusiasm, based on his conviction that the Special Forces had great potential as a counterinsurgency force, led him to become a very powerful advocate for the development of the Special Forces program within the Army. President Kennedy himself made a visit to the Special Warfare Center in the fall of 1961 to

Smallpox Vaccination( This was a research project for a college science class).

799 words - 3 pages Smallpox VaccinationSome scientists speculate that the smallpox virus may have made it's way to humans as early as 400 B.C. (Preston 54). Some even suggest that the young Pharaoh Ramses V may have died of the virus in 1157 B.C. (Preston 54). No one can really say for sure where the virus came from or when it was introduced, but because of the scientific research of Edward Jenner the world has a weapon against this horrible disease.Edward Jenner

This is a paper that I wrote for my health class. I was assigned the topic of smallpox. I did very well on this 5 page paper.

1281 words - 5 pages and 90% in America. During the 20th Century, there was recognized for the first time a milder form of smallpox called variola minor or alas trim. It had a consistently low mortality rate of the order of 1%. This disease was endemic in Britain until 1935. Still more recently there has been recognized a third form, named East African Smallpox, the mortality rate of which in unvaccinated subjects is about 5%. This has not been recognized as having

This was a research project I did for a siminar class. It was titled, "Paranormal Phenomenon: Fact or Fiction."

1367 words - 5 pages of necromancy was set by the Roman writer, Lucian. He was visited by Sextus Pompey, the son of Pompey the Great" (Cohen 232). With this in mind, consulting the dead for purposes of foretelling the future does the act of necromancy. This activity is not to be done at home, for it is known as the most dangerous operation in magic (Cohen 232).On a much broader scale come paranormal related events such as déjà vu, telepathy, and

This was a research project I did for a siminar class. It was titled, "Paranormal Phenomenon: Fact or Fiction."

1366 words - 5 pages of necromancy was set by the Roman writer, Lucian. He was visited by Sextus Pompey, the son of Pompey the Great" (Cohen 232). With this in mind, consulting the dead for purposes of foretelling the future does the act of necromancy. This activity is not to be done at home, for it is known as the most dangerous operation in magic (Cohen 232).On a much broader scale come paranormal related events such as déjà vu, telepathy, and

This essay was a short paper written about migraines for my biology class.

649 words - 3 pages What is a Migraine?A pounding head, waves of nausea, shimmering images, vomiting, and sensitivity to light or sound are just a few symptoms of a migraine. People all over the country suffer from this medical disorder and can be very painful.A migraine was once believed to originate in the blood vessels, till recent studies have shown that they are caused by the narrowing of blood vessels themselves, causing the warning signs, and then eventually

This is a reaction paper i did for my speech class and the purpose was to inform someone about a time in my life that really affected me. there is no title for it. enjoy :D

664 words - 3 pages the love of my life.My love life in the past was pretty average for a teenage girl. Had a few boyfriends, most of them did not last that long. But of course there is always that one guy that takes your breath away. His name is Manuel. He puts the twinkle in my eye, the one that makes my heart skip a thousand beats, the one that makes me feel protected when I'm around him. Our relationship was rocky in the beginning, but we managed to pull

Eric Clapton: Clapton is God. This paper was written for a simple research paper.

1573 words - 6 pages creative ability or skill, or one who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts. Eric Clapton can be defined as a true artist. The purpose of this paper is to give you a background on Eric Clapton himself, explain the real story behind "Clapton is God", and explain why his music still appeals to teenage music listeners today.Eric Patrick Clapton was born in Ripley, Surrey

This essay is step by step on how to do cpr the correct way this was writing for a description essay for a english class

706 words - 3 pages arrest occurs twice as frequently in men compared to women. CPR was invented in 1960. There has never been a case of HIV transmitted by mouth-to-mouth CPR. In sudden cardiac arrest the heart goes from a normal heartbeat to a quivering rhythm called ventricular fibrillation (VF). This happens in approximately 2/3rds of all cardiac arrests. VF is fatal unless an electric shock, called defibrillation, can be given. CPR does not stop VF but CPR

This paper was for a class called History of Mathematcis. Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727), Mathematician and physicist, one of the foremost scientific intellects of all time.

791 words - 3 pages enrolled in his uncle's old College, Trinity College Cambridge, on 5 June 1661. At that time Isaac was 19 years old he was older than most of his fellow students but, despite the fact his mother was financially well off, he entered as a sizar. A sizar at Cambridge was a student who received an allowance towards college expenses in exchange for acting as a servant to other students.Isaac completed his BA degree in 1665; during this time the great

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This Is A Paper Written On The Internet And Its Effects On Society. It Is Opinionated Also, So It Is Not Just Fact. It Was Written For My Business Law Class.

766 words - 3 pages things wrong purposely, and not typing right. This affects the way people use grammar in the offices or at school. After a while, when people get used to writing like this there grammar and word usage can become sloppy and poor.The internet is very dangerous when it is used for chatting and meeting people. It is ok when the conversations are just left at the computer but when they are taken to the phone or in person can be extremely dangerous. People

Nanotechnology. I Wrote This For My American Literature Class. The Assignment Was Open Ended: To Write A Research Paper On Anything. I Chose Nanotechnology In General.

815 words - 3 pages these methods are not cost effective - although "This cost barrier is likely to be reached within the next ten years" (Tucker).         Many nanotechnologies are already being developed or designed, two of which I'll talk about here.         For years, scientists have tried to create a super hydrophobic - meaning something that repels water completely - material which exhibits the so-called "lotus effect," in which water cannot attach

The Euro A Research Paper About The Euro I Had To Write This For My Economics Class

1911 words - 8 pages , or they might run out of the local currency and not be able to spend as much as they would want to, in which case the local economy is affected (McDonald 3). In a short while, with the Euro, this will all become a thing of the past. Tourists will need only exchange money one time to satisfy their financial needs, and with all the time they save they can look for the best rate to exchange their US dollars in order to make sure they don't get

Asthma And The Effects On African American Children Research Paper. This Was For My Bio 301 Class I Got A B+, But I Wasn't Trying That Hard.

1864 words - 7 pages losing the ability to breathe…you look around for help, but you remember that you are sleeping alone in your bed… again you reach for your inhaler only to remember your inhaler was left in your book bag which is draped around the dining room chair…you knew this day might come and now it has. You wish you can shout for help…but you cannot.What is Asthma? And Symptoms of AsthmaAsthma is a respiratory disease that can affect