This House Would Abolish Nuclear Weapons

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This House would Abolish Nuclear Weapons

The abolishment of nuclear weapons has been an ongoing argument since the bombing of Hiroshima. Although this motion is strongly agreed on, not all countries have signed a worldwide treaty to ensure the use of nuclear weapons is prohibited. A nuclear weapon can be used to destroy a large are of space with an explosion that is larger than any other bomb on the planet. The splitting of two extremely reactive elements causes a nuclear explosion.

Have you ever thought of nuclear weapons being a threat to you? If you have never taken this into consideration; think again. Yet some people believe nuclear weapons should not be abolished and therefore every ...view middle of the document...

As this would cause more power stations to be built, there would be higher chance of radiation leakage that would cause civilians to flee their homes if there was a chance they would be exposed to this. This relates to the most recent nuclear disaster that occurred in Fukushima. This occurred when a Japanese nuclear plant had an earthquake occur in close proximity, soon after this earthquake damaged the station, a 15 meter tsunami also hit the power plant causing important areas to be destroyed and to leak radiation. I also believe that the encouragement of building these bombs would lead to countries challenging each other to see who can build the most dangerous bombs and possibly the most dangerous bomb on the planet.

My third and final point is the horrific and threatening reality of the risk of nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands. You may think it impossible for a terrorist or criminal to obtain a nuclear weapon, but in this day and age it is not very difficult to build one of these weapons, in fact the most difficult part is...

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