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This I Believe: Live A Life Of Love And Be One With The World English 10 Sussex Technical High School Essay

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Carpenter 2
Brittany Carpenter
English Period 2
This I Believe Narrative Essay
30 September 2015
Live a Life of Love
As a child, I did not take the time to truly appreciate the small moments in life that accurately described the feeling of love. Love is a word beyond its meaning, for everyone can perceive it differently. Personally, I believe love is too complex to describe in a sentence, but rather, it is better described within images or actions.
Love is small glances at odd moments with a feeling of comfort or being able to spot a familiar face in a crowd of thousands in the streets of a city full of strangers, or a music festival filled to the brim with music loving souls.
Love is the sense of belonging and knowing that in times of need, there is someone who
would be willing to listen to countless hours of rambling under a starry night sky.
Love is the light that shines on the darkest moments of the night, turning dark, empty thoughts to dreams of the sweetest happiness, along with wishes on shooting stars.
At a young age, I believed that everyone was born with a significant other and that Mothers and Fathers created their children through the love that they shared. The word “love” reminded me of puppies and kittens and hugs and kisses from grandparents. As many children are, I was curious about the way the world worked; why the sky was...

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