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This I No Longer Believe Essay

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The world we share is a beautiful place. Not just the places we can go or the things we can see, but the people around us. There is a lot of good left in this world, even if it’s hard to see. Everyday we are subjected to the wicked things of the world. On the television and in the news we see wars, terrorism, crimes and hate. Good people suffering for no apparent reason. We are exposed to a constant barrage of negativity, which can make our views skewed to the truth. The reality that humanity is still moral at heart and there is hope left for the future. That people can still show kindness towards perfect strangers without reward. This is how I see the world now, but it was not always this way.
For the longest time I saw the society, as a whole, negatively. I perceived people in an undesirable light, due to what I saw every day at work. It was at this time, I worked for the Department of Homeland Security as a security officer. My job was to stop people from smuggling illegal drugs, stolen goods and human trafficking in and out of the country. I would interact with people everyday that had nothing more than self-preservation at heart. I saw what they would do to others only for personal gain and this caused a change in me. It made me see only the dark side of people. I came to believe that everyone was selfish and had no sense of community, only a sense of selfishness. I started to believe that the world no longer had any good in it.
One of my first experiences as a security officer, I encountered a group of five passengers attempting to board a flight overseas. The group consisted of two Hispanic men, both wearing nice clothing and jewelry, with visible tattoos on their necks and arms. While the others in their group were three young Hispanic females, ranging in age from 16 to 19, all wearing t-shirts and jeans that appeared tattered and dirty. As they approached the check-in station, the men of the group seemed uneasy and fidgety, constantly gazing around and being ever watchful of the three girls. It was obvious that they were uncomfortable with the screening process. While the women appeared almost scared, hiding their faces, never making eye contact with anything but the floor. It was evident that something was not right. As we continued with the process, it was discovered that the two males were associated with a human trafficking ring and the three...

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