This Is A 5 Minute Long Essay On The The Importance Of Studying Foreign Languages. It Deals With Importance Of Studying Languages For Future Jobs. This Speech Includes An Outline. And A Refrence.

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5 minutes longThe importance of studying foreign languagesLanguages by definition can be classified as a communication among human beings that is characterized by the use of arbitrary spoken or written symbols with agreed-upon meanings. More broadly, language may be defined as a communication in general: it is regarded by some linguists as a form of knowledge, that is , of thought or cognition.Languages can be studied from at least two points of view: its use or its structure. Language use is the concern of scholars in many fields, among them literature, communications, speech and rhetoric, sociology, political science, and psychology. Studies of language use are what humans say, what they say they are thinking, and what they mean by what they write and say to one another. It is the particular way words are selected and combined that is characteristic of an individual, a group, or a literary genre.Those who study language as written communication are interested in the structure of what they call text -how sentences and their parts are organized into coherent wholes- and concerned with how one language can be translate into another. All human language as a grammatical structure where by sound units are combined to produce meaning.The process of communicating meanings with sounds, words, and sentences and perceiving meanings that other communicate in this way is believed to involve grammar as a tool for relating thoughts or its ideas to speech, or signaling.Spoken, gestured and signaled communication involves the same process for all humans, and any human language can convey any human thought; nevertheless, the actual languages spoken in the world are numerous, and they differ vastly in their sound systems and grammatical structures.In the midst of world linguistic diversity, a number of international languages have been proposed as a means for solving world problems thought to be caused by misunderstandings of communication. Sometimes, existing natural languages are advanced to fill this role. These so-called LWCs (Languages of Wider Communication) such as English or French, because there are already spoken by many people as second language as well as by many native speakers.The point that I what to make is that now more and more companies are requiring their employees to have at least a second language. The reason is because of the global economy market. It involves all the countries of the world, or at least most of them, and in order to have good communication and to be available to make good businesses, it is necessary to have special training, to...

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