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This Is A Afrikaans Essay On : "Die Jaar To My Ma Begin Sing Het."It Is A Desciptive Essay About Konstans And How He Remembers His Mother.

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Vraag:b) Met watter een van die kinders kan jy die beste identifiseer? Motiveer deur te wys hoe jou karakter die jaar ervaar/teenspoed hanteer het, en hoe hy/sy vir Ma onthou.Antwoord:Konstans:Konstans was die een gesins lid wat nie soos die anders weg gehardloop het nie of agter maskers gaan weg kruip nie. Hy het inplaas van weghardloop die probleem reg in die gesig gekyk en dit maak hom 'n sterk karakter. Ek kan my die beste identifiseer met hom omdat hy positief en intellegent die probleem (die vermoording van die kind) kon aan vat. Al was hy die jaar toe sy ma begin sing het net nog 'n kind het hy alklaar soos 'n volwassenne op getree.Ek glo ook dat hy geweet het dat sy ma dalk nie die kind vermoor het nie, omdat hy so intellegent was. Hy het sy ma beter geken en verstaan as enige van die ander kinders omdat hy moeite gedoen het om met ma kontak te hou. Selfs op die heel einde na sy ma gesterf het het hy kontak gehou met haar deur om met haar te praat in the kamer.Daardie jaar het hy ,nie so totaal soos Willemien, positief ervaar nie. Al het hy ook gelei onder al die rampe en teenspoed kon hy dit verwerk en deur gedruk het. Hy het geweet dat sy ma nie sielsiek geword het nie want hy kon met haar praat en sy gedagtes met haar deel.Ma het konstans ook geleer om met sy...

Find Another Essay On This is a Afrikaans essay on : "Die jaar to my ma begin sing het."It is a desciptive essay about Konstans and how he remembers his mother.

This essay is about Edgar Allan Poe's life and his works and how they are related. Since he lived an extraordinary life including so many deaths, it certainly affected his works

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726 words - 3 pages used as an example on how to succeed in America today. Amoung all of his great quality's his attitude stands out. His attitude of how to succeed, attitude toward inventing, and his attitude of public service are the reasons for Benjamin Franklin's rise to prominence.Benjamin Franklin was a winner in every sense of the word. Everytime he would be knocked down he would dust the dirt from is pants and get right back up. When his brother would beat

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Descartes and how he came to his conclusions on the existence of the world. This was originally used for a presentation

615 words - 2 pages Rene DescartesBefore Descartes, philosophy of perception was much more straightforward - you either saw something or you didn't.Descartes noticed how hard it is to differentiate between seeing something in a dream and seeing the same thing in waking life (could give eg here). Our senses can obviously be deceived, so how do we know we're not being deceived all the time? How can we tell when we're dreaming and when we're awake?He reached his

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1112 words - 4 pages Douglass tells of how his relationship with one of his owners, Mr. Covey, was altered. Mr. Covey is described as a hard man to work for and had given several whippings to Douglass. One day Covey was going to tie up Douglass, but Douglass had other plans. He decided this second he was not going to get beat anymore. Douglass defended himself and ended up resisting Mr. Covey after hours of fighting. Covey never whipped or laid a hand on Douglass again

Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" this review talks about the symbolism Gregor had on his family and how he was treated by them

603 words - 2 pages financial stability to the family. "In the course of that very first day Gregor's father explained the family's financial position and prospects to both his mother and his sister (481)." As a result of this, his mother, father and sister had to work together, in order support themselves.In his transformations, Gregor was looked down on and ignored by his own family, an invalid rather than the person who had supported them financially for so long

Arrogance to Irresponsibility This is an analysis of Frankenstein and his arrogance of believing he could takeover God's job of creation and his irresponsibility to the monster he had created.

1242 words - 5 pages joints were rendered capable of motion, it became such a thing as even Dante could not have conceived." (Frankenstein, p. 75).The monster rejected by Victor is rejected by society as well. Imagine entering this world as an adult and not benefiting by a childhood full of mistakes, support, and years of learning experiences, like the society around him. His desire to fit into this world means he must gain knowledge, but from whom can he get this

The Lifetime Of Thomas Jefferson. This report is on Thomas Jefferson and I explain his life and the acomplishments he has done

1066 words - 4 pages over the colonies. He viewed no ties with Britain other than the king. This was his early contribution to patriotism. He also played a part in the Continental Congress. He drafted up the Declaration on Independence at age 33, using ideas from great philosophers and advocates such as Thomas Paine. This document was revised more than once before being accepted and signed by the Continental Congress, making the thirteen colonies into the United States

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