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This Is A Basic History Of Polish Music, From The Begining Of The Creation Of The Polish Nation, To Just After World War Two. Refrences Used Are Cited And Some Notes To Clarify Are Put.

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The history of Polish music: A basic guide.Polish music has grown and spread to its form today by varied cultural imprints and through times of unrest. There are a lot of twists and turns in the History of Poland in which its music has varied. However the events and changing of polish music is very interesting and important. Though not all has remained to tell the whole history, the remaining portions are enough to explain Poland's musical history.The history of Polish music starts when the Slavic nation begins its acceptance of Christianity, precisely 966 AD, after the baptism of King Mieszko the first and the start of the Polish nation*. The first kind of music was sacred and polyphonic music. They were basically liturgical chants of the Latin Church. The music was part of cultural diffusion between Rome at the start of Christianity in Poland, coming trough Bohemia. The religious music was mostly centered on the praise of the Virgin Mary.The earliest noted polish music was the hymn "Bogurodzica"1. It means the mother of God in polish. It was composed in the thirteenth century. It's most noted historically for the fact of it being the first "national anthem". The polish army, in a series of defensive wars with the Teutonic Knights, sung the hymn while going off to battle. Most of the other hymns were on the same topic, as well as praise to polish saints, for example St. Stanislaus1.Poland's Musical golden age occurred in the 16th and 17th centuries. The period was filled with peace and prosperity, setting up vital conditions for a golden age. Musicians from nations around Poland came to become part of the royal court, located at the Wawel Castle in Krakow. After a treaty that united Poland with Lithuania in 1569, various cultural diverse people influenced Poland's "culture and amalgam has included Germans, Jews, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Scandinavians and Tartars, along with ethnic Poles and Lithuanians". 1 However, during this time, all scores of the operas were lost due to the numerous wars, therefore we only know of the plots today2. Some baroque sacred music did survive. They were mainly vocal concertos for a few voices, instruments and basso continuo. The reason for this was the fact that almost all polish composers during this time used this musical genre. Later, the professional musical life was on a decline. The polonaise however rejuvenated this as uniquely genuine polish music.However, in the 18th and 19th century, wars with Austria, Russia and Prussia totally took Poland off of the world's map. This however was not entirely ghastly, in the Musical perspective, for some of the greatest polish music pieces came from this time. One of the main polish composers during this time was Fryderyc Chopin. His music became a symbol of resistance and polish cultural identity, an emblem of Poland. Through the 19th century, he supplied his music, the Polonaises and Mazurkas being important examples, to the unsuccessful attempts to regain polish...

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