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This Is A Biography On Augustus Caesar. Tells About His Life And Accomplishments As A Ruler Of Rome

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Augustus CaesarBorn Gaius Octavius, Augustus was born in September of 63 B.C. Octavius' father, Gaius Octavius, was a praetor for two years until he died in 58 B.C. Therefore, Octavius grew up without a father for most of his life. Through Octavius' long life of seventy-seventy years, he accomplished a great deal. He reduced the size of the Senate, he was an integral part of the second triumvirate, and he was elected the Pontifex Maximus, just to name a few of these accomplishments. Octavius received the name Augustus by holding the consulship and receiving various awards. This title was not given out to just anyone. In order to receive this title, one must be a large contributor to the city ...view middle of the document...

Unlike Julius Caesar, he did not think just anyone should be allowed to be a Senator. He thought all those who were unworthy to be a Senator were to be kicked out ofoffice. After many futile attempts, he abandoned the quest to eliminate those he felt wereunworthy to be a Senator. Also, Augustus had to be careful and not step on too many toes because he knew the fate of his predecessor. Augustus treated the Senate with great respect and was given the title "Pater Patria", which means father of the fatherland in Latin (Cornell 105).When Lepidus died in 12 B.C., Augustus took over as Pontifex Maximus. The Pontifex Maximus is the head of the national church and the highest Roman priest. His name Augustus means "by the grace of God" or "the exalted one". Being appointed to this position was beneficial for him because it got the people to side with him. They now saw Augustus as a good and honest man (Boardman 540).In 43 B.C., Augustus helped form the second triumvirate. Triumvirate comes from the Latin word trivmvir, which means a group of three men who take over a government and co-rule. The first triumvirate consisted of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus. In addition to himself, the second triumvirate consisted of Marcus Antonius and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. Marcus Antonius controlled the East, Augustus controlled the West, and Lepidus controlled Africa. Augustus gave his sister Octavia to Antony in marriage as a symbol of peace and brotherhood. This triumvirate broke up in 33 B.C. Thanks to the triumvirate, Augustus was able to defeat Cassius and Brutus, the last Republican leaders. They both died in battle at Philippi in Macedonia. Lepidus was stripped of his Triumvirate powers because he wanted more control and challenged Augustus and Antony for it. Lepidus lost and the triumvirate was reduced to two people (Hornblower, Dictionary 217).Antony drained the Roman city dwellers of their money to pay for his battles. Augustus was also very dependent on the Queen of Africa, Cleopatra, to help him financially. Antony sent a pregnant Octavia back to Rome before he headed to Africa to be with Cleopatra. Antony fathered two children with Cleopatra while he was married to Octavia. This disgusted Augustus, but when Antony named two Roman provinces after his children by Cleopatra, Augustus declared war on Antony and Cleopatra. In the battle of Actium, Antony was defeated but would not give Augustus the satisfaction of killing him so he committed suicide by falling on his own sword. Now it was just Augustus Caesar, in power, by himself (Bigchalk).Augustus brought Rome out of a 100-year civil war. He also kept an honest and un-corrupt government while extending the Roman roads. During his life, he developed the first efficient mail system. Augustus forever changed Roman literature. During his tenure asEmperor, Virgil, Horace, Ovid, and Livy all became famous and great writers. Augustus supported literature, which is why many of these writers became renowned...

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