This Is A Case Study For My Organizational Ethics Class

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Case Study # 2 For my case I have decided to pick a topic that really interest me. That would be standardized testing in schools. I am hoping to graduate this May with a bachelor's degree in human services and then to go on and do my masters in education, therefore this topic will play a role in my life and career. Many people may not be familiar with standardized testing. I, myself went through many years of standardized testing. Before I came to the University of Hartford, I went to Catholic prep. High school and a very good school system before that. To get into prep school I had to take a test to see where I fit in that school. Before prep school I had to take state wide tests called the MEA's every other year in elemetary school and middle school. I live in Maine and in a pretty good school system. These tests would rank me in my class, as well as the rest of the school and other schools in the state. Everyone stressed about the tests, I had to take practice classes , and study every chance I could. When applying to prep school I had to take entrance exams. Some I passed some I did not I could not really study for them cause each one was different. When I was accepted and decided which school I wanted to go to I had to take a placement test to see where I would be placed in my classes. Throughout high school, I had to take more standardized tests. These tests where given to see how well my school taught an would be ranked. When I started looking at colleges I had to begin my review classes for the SATS. So as you can see I do have a lot of experience in regards to standardized testing. In my experience I do not agree with standardized testing. I, myself am not good at standardized test at all. I get very nervous and can't concentrate on what I am trying to do. Not only that but "For many years now, the median score for blacks on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) has fallen 200 points short of that for whites (on a scale of 400 to 600, divided equally between math and verbal skills)." 1 ( ) Althought done for affirmative action this again shows how standardized testing does not always show the correct statistics. A lot of small liberal-arts schools, have already stopped requiring applicants to take the SAT. "Despite their biases, inaccuracies, limited ability to measure achievement or ability, and other flaws, schools use standardized tests to determine if children are ready for school, track them into instructional groups; diagnose for learning disability, retardation and other handicaps; and decide whether to promote, retain in grade, or graduate many students. Schools also use tests to guide and control curriculum content and teaching methods." This is an excerpt taken from a website that I am familiar with through my education classes. In my opinion and the opinion of many others, I feel that a test is not good enough to measure a student's capabilities and intelligence....

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