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This Is A Character Analysis On Addie Bundren In William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying."

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As I Lay Dying and DecomposingWilliam Faulkner is one of the most published major American authors in the twentieth century. He uses many literary techniques that often times disorient the reader, but that is what makes his writing so unique. As I Lay Dying is a literary work with many voices and Faulkner's style seems to vary according to whichever character is narrating the section in his fifty-nine-section novel. The major technique that Faulkner uses in many of the sections is called "stream of consciousness." This is when the author writes as though he is inside the mind of the characters. Since a normal person's mind can jump from one event to the next, stream of consciousness tries to capture this idea ( In many ways "As I Lay Dying" is a novel about language, speech and interpersonal communication, and in this paper I will show how Addie Bundren's soliloquy reflects upon that.This story details a journey in which the Bundren family embarks on to bury the matriarch of their family, Addie. Addie wants to be buried in the family plot in the town of Jefferson. Each of the family members have their own reasons and motives for the journey but they agree to go on the adventure nonetheless. The first problem we must decipher is the reason why Addie insists that Anse promise to take her back to Jefferson. From the very beginning of her life, Addie feels that she has been neglected and that her father was unaware of her presence. He did not seem to notice her nor care for her. Moreover, early in Addie's section she tells us of her abhorrence towards her students, "I would go down the hill to the spring where I could be quiet and hate them" (Faulkner169). Addie hates being a schoolteacher and feels lonely around her students with "dirty snuffling" noses. She loved when they made mistakes because it gave her a reason to whip them. "Now you are aware of me! Now I am something in your secret and selfish life, who have marked your blood with my own for ever and ever" (Faulkner 170). Here we see how Addie physically makes her presence known to her students by whipping them. She wants to let it be known that she is a person, not just someone taking up space.Then when she marries Anse, she feels that she failed to make her presence on him or her children. She is honest with the reader and says that her family was not filled with an abundance of love. So she makes it her business to assert her presence in the family and in the world. "Then I realized that I had been tricked by words older than Anse or love, and that the same word tricked Anse too, and that my revenge would be that he would never know I was taking revenge" (Faulkner 172). So this difficult journey to Jefferson is Addie's last chance at forcing her presence on everyone, especially Anse. He would not know that this was a type of revenge for Addie, even if she is not living, she will be able to rest peacefully knowing she died for a reason. Even though this request to be buried...

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983 words - 4 pages ; in other words he flexed the usual methods to fit his ideas of stream of consciousness and character development. Faulkner is quite revolutionary in all of his methods, especially for the time period in which he wrote it.      Narration in As I Lay Dying is bewildering at best. And at worst it is a ragged collection of thoughts and paraphrased verbatim by sporadically chosen characters in the wrong order. But no one is trying to claim that this

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1706 words - 7 pages family’s heart, home, and soul. However, during the course of As I Lay Dying, the Bundren family is on a voyage to Yoknapatawpha’s capital, Jefferson, to bury Addie Bundren (the mother and wife of the family). They make this day and a half endeavor by horse and wagon, carrying Addie’s body in a homemade coffin. Jefferson is a big city where Addie’s blood family is from, and it is her wish to be buried with them within the city limits. Although there

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792 words - 4 pages their own personal secrets that also include their interests and needs in mind when the quest to bury Addie begins. Darl Bundren is the second oldest son born to Addie and Anse Bundren, he seems to always have an incite into the lives of each of the Bundren’s with his known intuition of all the situations seeming to be going on with each of the characters. “Darl is the single most important character in As I Lay Dying. Not only is he a major

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778 words - 3 pages In William Faulkner's "As I Lay Dying", there are numerous references to animals. When the Bundren family loses their mother, each child has a different animal that they relate to so they can deal with their situation. The characters compare themselves to animals, in the case of Dewey Dell, or they compare their dead mother to animals, which can be seen in the case of Jewel and Vardaman. Animals are a key part of the novel because they serve as

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1983 words - 8 pages The novel “As I Lay Dying” by William Faulkner follows a family who is on a journey to bury their recently deceased mother, in the nearby town of Jefferson. The novel is told from the perspective of monologues, told by each of the characters encountered throughout the story. Specifically, Darl Bundren seems to be the protagonist character in this novel. Darl is the second oldest of the Bundren children and seems to be isolated from the rest

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2274 words - 9 pages William Faulkner's novel "As I Lay Dying" centers on the death and ensuing burial of the matriarch of the Bundren family, Addie. The book is written in first person point of view and is narrated by family members and acquaintances of Addie. It is through the narratives of the other characters that her personality is revealed. Few clearly defined details about Addie are given in the novel, and as such, the reader must learn about her through

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1500 words - 6 pages husband and five children traveling to Jefferson, Mississippi, to bury their wife and mother, Addie, beside her father. ". . .William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying is the story of the death and eventual burial of Addie Bundren, matriarch of the poor, farming, Southern Bundren family, and of the meaning of her death and burial journey to that family"(Wadlington fronticepiece). In As I Lay Dying, a journey to Jefferson, Mississippi takes place. Addie

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1417 words - 6 pages As I Lay Dying By William Faulkner By ____________ Literature is a great form of entertainment, unfortunately it is only entertaining when the author is skilled in using the proper literary devices and writing styles that capture our emotions, and make it enjoyable to read their books. This story was thoroughly disappointing. It had a lot of hidden plot, symbolism, and a confusing writing style. The overall story was not compelling

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