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This Is A Combined Report About Diferent Guys In The Mafia Around The 1920's And 1930's

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Works's: By Sheryl Fowler: © 1995; DetroitChicago Mafia: By George T. Downey: © 1993: PhilidelpheaBrittanica encyclopedia: Mafia: © 2002IntroductionMy report is about the mafia, and one or two of it's acquaintances. My report will be a little different, because I wrote it about so many different people. All the people that I have chosen are linked through someone else I wrote about. I might not have stated it but some of the guys were hit men, and bosses so some of these guys might have taken orders from others. What I wrote about each guy varies I tried to find out a little about their past and their upcoming. I also tried to include how they died whether if it was through natural death or them being murdered. Anyway I hope that you enjoy my paper. Charles "Pretty Boy" FloydCharles Author Floyd was born on February 3, 1904 in Georgia. He was one of seven children. Charles' parents had a small farm, and were dirt poor. What made it even worse for his family and their hard times was all the droughts, and plagues. To try and keep the family fed, Charles's, father started bootlegging. In 1921 Charles married a 16 year old Ruby Hargrove, they later had a son, Jack Dempsey Floyd. Money was very tight for the family. So, Charles decided to head north and look for a job in harvesting. Charles wasn't able to find a job. He gave up looking. With what little money he had Charles decided to buy a gun. He held up a post office for $350.00 in pennies. He was later arrested, but his father gave him an alibi. One day when Charles went to visit his fathers' farm he walked in and saw his father had been shot to death. The guy that had shot his father was tried and found not guilty. Charles took it upon himself to redeem his father's life. He took the guy that killed his father into the hills and shot him, with his father's rifle. There wasn't enough evidence to charge Charles. Later that year Charles held up a Kroger for $2,500. He wasn't identified, but the police found it suspicious that his family had a new wardrobe and a new car. Charles was arrested and locked up. While he was in jail his wife filed for a divorce. After that Charles vowed never to be arrested again. After Charles got out of jail and robbed another store he headed from the West to East Liverpool. He found it was safe to stay in a town called "Toms Town," (Kansas City). Hired Guns, murders, and successful mafia's hung out there. Here in "Toms Town" he learned how to use the machine gun. He also got his name here. His nickname "Pretty boy" was given to him by Madam Beulah Baird Ash. Charles hated his nickname, but it stuck with him. Floyd was sometimes hired as a hit man for some of the mafia's that hung out at "Toms Town." He robbed as many as 30 banks and killed as many as 25 people....

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