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This Is A Comparison/Contrast Essay On The Impact Of Television Programs On Children. Both The Postive And Negative Effects.

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Amaeze NnaemekaEnglish 101Composition skillComparison / argumentative essay2-27-2004Educational programs benefits children more than movies and cartoons. Children between the ages of four to twelve should be encouraged to watch educational programs more because it is through this medium that they get to build up their knowledge of the society, history, current affairs and other information.Movies and cartoons are addictive to a child; therefore, they tend to watch it all day until they are either interrupted by their parents or by sleep. In the situation whereby a child resides in front of a TV for twenty four hours within a day and the parent permits it; the parent as a result contributes to the downfall of his child. In movies for example: a child is exposed to many ideas, thoughts, and dreams which will obviously have both positive and negative contents. The images the child incurs when watching these movies may include images of violence, sex, and strong language. These contribute to the child wanting to imitate those behaviors. For example, when a child watches a movie that has extreme violence, the child tends to portray such attitudes towards life. The child might learn some strong words and will definitely use them, and when the mummy or daddy hears the child use those words they on many occasion put the blame on the teacher because their common believe is that a child picks up his bad habits from school whereas his good habits are from them the parents. Also through these movies most children learn about sex and on many occasions have a wrong idea about the whole thing (sex). A child who watches these movies and cartoons is engulfed in...

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this essay is about television violence and it's effects on young children

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