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This Is A Critique Of A Speech Given By Spiro Agnew In Des Moines About Journalism Ethics.

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Jenna HeckerAgnew CritiqueKent3/5/02Spiro Agnew was not a bad man. Spiro Agnew wanted a world that was positive and filled with patriotism and pride. Spiro Agnew's downfall was his naiveté, he could not make the cognitive jump to see what ramifications his proposals would have if actually set into motion. News without opposition or critique could perhaps work if the general populace had a comprehensive understanding of the political world. Unfortunately we as a society are not all well educated in political jargon. Agnew's request seems legitimate, criticizing the most powerful man in the nation can lead to a lack of respect for the government. He fails to realize that a government must earn respect, and one criticism will not cause an entire nation to lose faith in them; that is what things like Watergate are for.President Nixon was given air time, and the networks were given airtime. The American people are free to choose to believe whomever they chose to. Agnew's political world was one stuck between what government used to be, a men's club that was revered and displaced from everyday life, and what government was becoming. Television had brought the government into American homes and commentators had made policy open to conjecture. Agnew was unaccustomed to a government that was challenged daily, and it was his shock that lead him to deliver what is, by today's standards, an uninformed and poorly planned speech. Television had elevated the Presidency to a certain level of celebrity simultaneously putting it under the limelight and under a microscope.Agnew's discomfort at being under this virtual microscope is understandable, as history proved that he did not live up to his own honesty standards. Agnew was recognizing a trend that is...

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858 words - 3 pages of the creation of Adam and Eve and how the American society started off with the idea that a woman is to be dependent on a man .The movements in this dance reminded me of animalistic shapes and matter that resembled a creative postmodern style of dancing. The performance consisted of mostly of circular movements executed by twirling, weight baring, weight shifting, rolling, tossing, and body contorting. The movements flowed with the classical

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664 words - 3 pages of letters will pile up in my mailbox whenever he had time. Little by little, all of that changed. No more visits, phone calls were once a month for at least 15 minutes, and all of those 4 page letters became half a page. I wonder sometimes if he would've went to UF, if everything would've been different. Would we still be that loving couple everyone envied. Thinking about it now, i doubt it.Presently, we do not communicate. I do not even know

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981 words - 4 pages of the transitions was made in this speech was with line for foreign policy of this: "A steadfast concern for peace can never maintained except by a partnership of democratic nations."Former President Wilson has achieved his goal of protecting the good in the world by getting the United States involved. The proof is World War I which is written about in history textbooks all around the world, novels like Anne of Green Gables or All Quiet on the

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