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1. The Purpose of the Project
In today’s busy world of technology, the last thing an individual should be concerned about is where they should park their vehicle. The purpose of this project is to develop a computerized system to manage parking usage and online reservations for a parking lot. This computer system will allow people to connect with automated parking lot attendants to reserve parking spaces before arrival therefore guaranteeing a spot. The auto attendant would provide real-time parking information, eliminate congestion and time that is wasted looking for a parking space. In addition, people will be able to pay for the spaces via phone, tablet or computer. 
According to the Smart Parking report, Smart Parking could result in 2,20,000 gallons of fuels saving till 2030 and approximately 3,00,000 gallons of fuels saved by 2050, if implemented successfully.

2. The Stakeholders 
We are pleased to work with our partners to increase the overall enjoyment of our parking lots, and decrease the unnecessary illegal parking that often result in customers being ticketed or their vehicles being towed. By Streamlining the parking lot experience and adding importance to our stakeholders we can identity the driving forces of the parking problems in the city. As we recognize the key members in the stakeholder’s groups, we need to form a group meeting and welcome the public to our formal and informal meetings. This will signify the interest of the community such as the owners, service attendants, drivers and merchants. The stakeholders will be involved in a lot more than just meetings or seeking feedback from the public. Our stakeholders will provide rules for identifying public concerns and developing solution through open community involvement.  
Benefits of Involving stakeholders:
· Builds confidence and encouragement for the process and conclusion  
· Shares the duty for resolutions or actions  
· Produces resolutions more likely to be adopted  
· Leads to restored, more profitable solutions  
· Forges deeper working interactions  
· Develops communication and organization of resources  
· Helps to safeguard any environmental injustice concerns are identified at an early stage  
3. Mandated Constraints 
The system will be comprised of a lot of sensors, parking messages, control devices, wired/wireless phone systems, desktops and servers and application interfaces. One of the challenges of the computerized parking system is the exceptionally large selection of hardware and software choices, this may have a big threat on systems expansion.

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