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This Is A Dramatic Dialogue Written In The Form Of A Carnivalised Text. You Are To Find Topsyturvydom, Billingsgate, And Mainly A System And Anti System.

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The Spring-and-Winter StruggleEnters WinterWinter: I heard somebody saying that Spring will soon come- I wonder when ! she's so late, and I can't leave this dingy place till she arrives.Enters SpringWinter: Oh you wicked witch-Spring: Don't be cross with me, you got no right.Winter: Got no right? You should have taken your place in this hellish world earlier. Instead you detained me.Spring: Ok, ok, I'm sorry, but in fact, if I could, I wouldn't have come at all. I don't like it here, this place is no longer suitable for my presence. I'm received with songs no more, just mourning processions.Winter: I can't believe how self-centred you've become.Spring: Me! Self-centred!Winter: Ay, that's exactly what you are. God ordained you as a life for the land, the trees, and the little buds - all are yearning for you.Spring: What the hell are you talking about? What lands? What trees? And what buds?Fire has eaten up the palm trees, and the olive trees, the moment they grow, some devil uproots them. As for the buds, they are irritatingly lazy, and their fear of facing the same fate the trees had is all they think about.Winter: So, you intended to save yourself and your sun the trouble of rising on a waste land, and give me all the pain of providing for such a wrecked place?Spring: Why can't you understand that I had to salvage my roses and my butterflies. I've heard that monkey's brothers and the dogs are playing havoc with the colourfully blooming gardens. They step over the roses saying they stink, then pick up the weeds to use them in decoration. They plant poison trees and uproot the jasmine onesWinter: The monkeys' brother's are as monstrous as they've ever been. But you know what, you are right about the dogs, they have gone off the leash... so brutal--Loud knocks on the doorSpring: What's this deafening noise? I'm so scared!Winter: Don't be. I'll protect you.Spring: Protect me? Aren't we supposed to be foes in an everlasting state of animosity?Winter: Oh! I forgot that part. Tell you what? Since the whole world is in open hostility, let's get our own way and befriend each other.Spring: Well, that's worth trying, but you've forgotten about the noise. It's still out there. Aren't you going to open the door?Winter opens the door.Winter: Look what we've got here - the Carnival of...

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