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This Is A Essay About The Code Of Hammurabi History Essay

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Code of Hammurabi
The code of Hammurabi is one of the most historic findings in human history. The creation of the code or law was a historic achievement for not only the Babylonian society but for the entire Mesopotamian region dating back to about 1754 BC. Throughout our human history, our past civilizations have created an economic, political, and social laws for our human society. Many of these laws were created so that there was justice for crimes, allowed a civilized society, and to obey the rules under the king. Code of Hammurabi is an important set of written laws that is still being studied in today's society. Although laws continued to change as generations passed by, the code of Hammurabi was a set of laws that are considered by many historians to be the oldest laws established.
The early history of Babylon between 4500-3800 B.C showed how much struggles came between small city-states who were seeking leadership. A second period between 3800-2250 B.C was opened for Sargon I who first established and laid the foundation for a unification that was finally achieved by Hammurabi for fifty-five years. Hammurabi appeared to be a servant of the gods. According to Anu and Bel who people believed were the gods during the time period, claimed that Hammurabi was “the exalted prince, worshiper of gods, to cause justice to prevail in the land, and to destroy the wicked and the evil”. There was a huge honor of the temple being built and completed by the public for honoring the gods and Hammurabi. The civil code phrases as “who establishes in security their property in Babylon, “and the conclusion sentence of prologue, “I established law and justice in the land and promoted the welfare of the people.” During this time, the structure of the code itself aimed to believe that Hammurabi was to help against conflicting issues, customs, and decision of judges into a single and simple codes of law. First part of the code was to deal with false accusations, second part was dealing with wrongdoing or mischief, and the third related to judges and witnesses. Afterwards, it was followed by stealing, kidnapping whether it was aiding or stealing slaves, or robbing people. There were also laws against adultery, rape, divorce, separation, property of woman, marriage settlement, murders, and assault. Nobody could go against the code because if anyone dares to ignore, obliterate, or change the laws will be dealt with punishment right away. Slaves were not being treated fairly and equally. They were considered the lower social class to everyone else. These similar laws were passed on for many generations later with some slight modifications. (Vincent, George E., pp. 737-754)
King Hammurabi was the sixth king of Babylon and the first king of the Babylonian Empire during 1792 to 1750 B.C. Hammurabi expanded the city-state of Babylon to unite most of the Mesopotamia region. He created set of laws to establish business interactions, set fines, and punishment in order to...

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