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This Is A Essay Comparing My Town With The Town In The Play "Our Town"

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Grover's Corners is a small town in New Hampshire that shares many characteristics with Lewistown. Not only does it share characteristics of a physical nature, the people of these towns also share attitudes and philosophies towards living and dying. Some of the physical features these towns share are many churches, small town businesses, and the cemeteries of these towns share many characteristics. The towns also share attitudes and philosophies like caring for their families, education is important, and young people get married too young.The town in the play "Our Town", Grover's Corners, shares many physical characteristics with Lewistown. One of the physical features these towns share, are the many churches. In act I of the play "Our Town", the stage manager says, "Over there is the Congregational Church; across the street's the Presbyterian. Methodist and Unitarian are over there. Baptist is down in the holla' by the river. Catholic Church is over beyond the tracks." This shows that in Grover's Corners religion was probably very important to the people. In Lewistown, there are many churches like the Assembly of God, there is many Methodist Churches, and there is quite a few Catholic Churches. Like in Grover's Corners religion is fairly important to the people of Lewistown. The many churches in both Lewistown and Grover's Corners illustrates that religion is important to the people of these towns. Another physical characteristic these towns share is the small businesses of the towns. In the play "Our Town", Grover's Corners has small businesses like Doc Gibbs' Medical Practice and Mr. Morgan's Drugstore. These small businesses are very important to Grover's Corners. Especially Doc Gibbs' Medical Practice because he is the only doctor in that town. Lewistown also has its share of small businesses like the hardware store, Jo Ann Fabrics, and Parkway. These businesses are very important to the people of Lewistown like Jo Ann Fabrics. Jo Ann Fabrics provides the materials that many people need for their hobbies. Small businesses are very important to both of these towns and to the people of these towns. An additional physical feature that these towns share is the similarities in the cemeteries. Both of the cemeteries of these towns have graves that date back to the 1600's. The cemetery in Grover's Corners houses Civil war veterans. The stage manager in the play Our Town says in act III, "Over there are some Civil War veterans. Iron flags on their graves ... New Hampshire boys ... had a notion that the Union ought to be kept together, though they'd never seen more than fifty miles of it themselves." Like Grover's Corners, Lewistown cemetery has many war veterans from various wars. Their graves are also marked with a flag. The cemetery in Lewistown like Grover's Corners has graves with family names that still exist in Lewistown today. Both cemeteries are also important to both towns; they show the history of the town as well as the legacies of the...

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