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This Is A Essay On He Enlightment Thinkers. Focusing On Locke And Rousseau. This Was My Term Paper For My History Of Civilizations Class.

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Enlightenment ThinkersThe Enlightenment thinkers, also called philosophes, represented a revolution in the way mankind would think and regard religion, government, and education as well as many other things. Royalty and church authority of the time tried to suppress their ideas. They considered their ideas outrageous and as a threat to the well being of the state and their power. America's founding fathers were greatly influenced by the Enlightenment. Many of its ideas are still regarded with the utmost respect today, and many of its thinkers are household names, such as Voltaire, Locke, and Rousseau.John Locke fought to protect individual liberty from arbitrary state authority. In his "Second Treatise On Government", he lays the groundwork that gave birth to the liberal tradition that aims to safeguard the natural rights of people from tyrannical, despotic governments. He pointed out that the power to govern derives from the people, therefore the government is supposed to implement the people's will. To him, political power represented the power that every man gave up into the hands of society to be employed for their own good. If every individual in a group agrees to put all their power in a single governing body, it only makes sense for that body to look out for the good of all its members; not the private interests of certain individuals.Locke believes all humans are born with three very important natural rights: life, liberty, and property. And as I already said the main purpose of government is to protect these rights. The sole reason people created government is to PROTECT the RIGHTS, and this is done through the legislative, which is given the power to make laws. In "Second Treatise On Government", Locke establishes "bounds set to the legislative":1)one rule for rich and poor2)laws must be designed for the good of the people3)taxes cannot be raised on the property of the people without the consent of the people4)legislative can's transfer power of making lawsLocke also made it clear that when the legislative breaks the trust of the people it forfeits power and the people can establish a new legislative that will provide for their safety and security. The legislative breaks the trust of the people when it invades the property of a subject or when it takes away or destroys the property of the people. It also breaks the trust when it tries to gain absolute power.Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding four fathers, played a major role in the American Revolution. One of the things he is most famous for is writing the "Declaration of Independence". In the "Preamble", Jefferson justifies America's break from British power. He states that a decent respect for the opinions of mankind requires that the colonies explain their causes for separating. He goes on to emphasizing the colonies patience and says that the kings repeated mistreatment is becoming absolute tyranny. Jefferson then argues that now necessity constrains the colonists to alter their...

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