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This Is A Network Proposal For A Small Office. A Small Lan Proposal

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Description of Proposed Network:
Our proposal includes the development of a LAN able to meet the requirements of your company's software. The computer network components include the use of a server, a switch, patch panel, and a router for the office. The selected NOS (Network Operating System) is Windows 2000 Server. This operating system provides great conveniences to the installation, configuration, and maintenance of the network. Windows 2000 Server provides the enhanced DHCP, DNS and WINS features allow a network administrator to expediently manage all clients on the network. The data communication media for the networks is UTP CAT5. This cabling follows the Ethernet standards for TCP/IP ...view middle of the document...

The wiring is a higher quality than the Category 3 normally used by Ethernet, therefore is a bit more expensive, but a worthy advantage. Fast Ethernet defines a star topology. There are many advantages in designing a LAN based on a star topology. It allows expansion to the existing LAN without effort or disruption. Troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance can be accomplished to a failed node without holding up or disrupting work on other nodes.

The first step of implementing the network involves running drops in two corners of the office. The switch, router, patch panel, and server will be located in a rack closet dedicated to LAN equipment. This rack will be placed in a location for centrality. The entire office will be cabled with category 5 unshielded-twisted pair cable. Wall faceplates to include both drops and a phone jack will be installed. Panels spanning each wall will house cables to ensure a clean look. As can be expected, the physical cost to install these drops are minimal, the labor is the majority of this expense.

The second step of implementing the network involves configuring each piece of networking equipment. The router will be set up to ensure serviceability and reliability between employees and the server. From the router there will be a switch attached. The router will service a protocol (DHCP) which will allow workstations to access the network. The patch panel will be used as a middleman between the user and the switch. 1ft cables will be used to connect the switch and patch panel with also the use of a punch-down block.

The third step of implementing the network involves configuring the server. This server will be set up to store crucial data, backup data, directory services (User Management), and file and print services. From the server you will have control and full access to each employee's machine.


Hardware plays an important role in reliability of a network. Each workstation is to be custom ordered from Dell. Each employee will house a Dell computer with...

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