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This Is A Letter To The Editor Of A Newspaper. It Argues About Ex Offenders Getting A Second Chance At Work. ; ) Enjoy!

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Letter to the EditorI'm writing a letter in reference and response to the February seventeenth editorial "Ex-offenders deserve second chance" by Tom Andrzejewski that appeared in the Plain Dealer. I think that Tom is only chipping the surface on that subject. The job outlook for ex-offenders is slim and hungry. The possibilities for ex-offenders range of only a few jobs and positions; two being a factory position as a laborer or in some type of state job like a license bureau or highway landscaping. Mega-Conglomerates with credible names such as Microsoft, Pepsi, or Coca-Cola try to stray away from any thing or anybody that will possibly cause any discomfort to administration, executives, or especially customers. The emergence of numerous ex-offenders in the task force just might make some a little uneasy, causing them to not drink the product, or...or... make them not want to purchase any computers.Although this isn't morally just, it is America. It is too bad that companies, possibly the ones that I just named, have to be so biased and unconditional to this problem. There are a lot of hard working, reformed, and most importantly, qualified ex-offenders out there that could bring positive energy to a company, but they carry dirty luggage. This luggage will never leave them, and even worse, will be spotted at whatever job they go to. It reminds me of trying to go onto an airplane with a firearm that is forever connected to your side. You try to get on a lot of really nice flights, but before you go onto the plane though, you have to go through a metal detector. When you walk through, you will flagged, and not allowed onto the plane. This happens at every flight you try to board. You have to...

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