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This Is A Paper From Visiting The Getty Museum In Los Angeles. It Depicts Specific Art Word And Analyzes Them For My Art History Class.

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The rain was coming down pretty hard on Saturday; nonetheless, it did not stop me from visiting the Getty Museum in Los Angeles California. Who knew that such a magnificent place of art lie right in out very own back yard and it's free! This was my first time visiting the Getty and I am sure it will not be the last, the amazing architecture, beautiful fountains and mesmerizing view has me hooked.The East Pavilion caught my eye, the paintings were displayed between the sixteen and eighteen hundreds were unlike anything I had ever seen. Claude Joseph Vernet's, A Calm at a Mediterranean Port and A Storm at a Mediterranean Port, captured me with its scene of merchant ships in two totally different situations at the same harbor with its stunning colors and intricate detail. A Storm at a Mediterranean Port painted in 1767, first came of as very chaotic and unorganized but the more I looked at it, the more I saw the unity that had been displayed. Unlike A Storm at a Mediterranean Port, A Calm at a Mediterranean Port, painted in 1770, seemed very peaceful and quiet but the more I looked at it, the more I realized that there was more talking place within the picture.The reason why I chose Claude Joseph Vernet's paintings above any other was because his painting reached out and grabbed me in a way the other paintings did not. When I first walked into the expedition, I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful works of art so I had to walk through the display a second time to truly appreciate all there was to see. Seeing each painting once more was different then seeing it for the first time, expect in the case of Vernet's paintings. The strength of the initial impact of his paintings held true, although I did notice more in the painting when I took a second look, the same feeling overcame me when looking at his magnificent works of art. I felt when he wanted me to feel through his paintings, they both really grasped me.Comparing Vernet's painting at first might seem very easy because of their similar location and marine theme. His depiction of a storm continues in the paining of a calm Mediterranean front. If you look closely, the remnant of a distant storm, similar to the one in A Storm at a Mediterranean Port, continues in A Calm at a Mediterranean Port, painted three years later in 1770, with a cumulus cloud in the upper right hand corner. It is almost as if both paintings go together in telling a story. One in which concludes with a happy ending. Although the fishermen in the storm are working together, struggling to survive, it is clear in the calm that they make it through and continue on with their lives. Both paintings share a realistic view of a day in the life of a fisherman, people working together for a common goal and the same aspect of a moment in time only under very diverse weather conditions. Some other similarities of the painting include the water in playing a huge role on how the artwork makes the observer feel. The water sets the tone for...

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