This Is A Paper On Boethius And His Contribution To Philosophy

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Boethius was born in Rome to a very great and influential family. He was born sometime between 475 and 477 A.D.(Britannica 2006). This was about the time of the desposition of the last Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus. His full name was Anicius Manlius Serverinus Boethius. When Boethius was a young child his father died and as a result He was adopted into the family of Symmachus. This was a great advantage to Boethius because this family was a greater family than his. In 495 A.D. He married Rusticiana who was Symmachus' daughter. Symmachus not only became his father in law, but was his friend up until Boethius was executed (Britannica 2006).Due to the fact that Boethius was born to a great family, raised by a greater family and was born in Rome almost determined much of his life. He became involved in government affairs and was well educated. Boethius became a consul in 510 A.D. and his sons become consuls in 522 A.D. (Britannica 2006). The same year that his sons became consuls he accepted the position of Master of Offices. Before taking on this position Boethius was often given small tasks by Theodoric. He was given tasks such as constructing a water clock or sundial and he was also asked to look into financial malpractices. With his new title of Master of Offices he became one of the more important men who served as intermediary between the Gothic ruler and other officials (Britannica 2006).Some think Boethius contributes accepting this position of leading to his execution. Boethius is known to have upstanding conduct. He was also known to defend the oppressed, and be hostile towards those involved in corruption. This attitude did not win the favor of those who were also involved in government affairs at the time. After he had taken on this position Ciprian accused senator Albinus of committing treason. He was accused of conspiring with Emperor Justin in Constantine. Boethius came to defend Albinus to help prove him innocent. Because of this Boethius himself latter became accused as well. He was accused of writing letters of treasonous material. He was also accused of suppressing evidence that would have proved that Albinus was guilty. Finally he was accused of performing magic. Boethius claimed that all of these accusations were false. Regardless of his probable innocence Boethius was executed sometime around 524 A.D. (Britannica 2006).He was not only involved in government but he was also well educated. Because of where he was born and the families he became associated with he became well educated and had many opportunities to get a good education. Much of what his higher education consisted of came from Greek Neoplatonism, Latin philosophical writings, Greek Christian Literature, and the Latin Church Fathers.He studied much of Aristotle. He wanted to translate all of Aristotle's and Plato's works from Greek, into Latin but never was able to finish this before his execution (Stumpf 2003).Boethius' life and past influenced much of his...

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