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This Is A Paper On Moses Maimonides And His Contributions To Not Only Philosophy But Medicine As Well.

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Moses Maimonides was born in Cordoba Spain on March 30 1135 (Britannica 2006). Spain at this time was being ruled by a Mohammedan sect named the Moravides. The Moravides were particularly tolerant of other cultures and religions. They allowed the Christians and Jews to live and practice regularly in Cordoba. This was not how all of the Mohammedans were. This allowed Moses Maimonides to be born into a practicing Jewish family in Spain. He was born son of Maimon, hence his Greek name Maimonides. Not much is known or was recorded about his early life in Spain. We can safely assume that early in his life he was well educated. It can also be assumed, however, that his life was filled with the knowledge and stress of the many wars between the Mohammedans and the Christians and between the different Mohammedan sects.In 1148 the Almohades took over Cordoba. The ruler at the time, Ibn Tamurt, was not very tollerent of other religions. He gave Christians and Jews the option to either convert or to die. Many Jews pleaded to let them leave and go live somewhere else but he would not allow it. As a result of this many Jews sneaked out of Cordoba, some converted, and others died. About o month later Ibn Tamurt died. His son began to allow Jews back into Cordoba allowing them to live there as Jews. He feared his fathers death was from his fathers treatment of the Jewish people. Many Jews did not move back because they did not trust what was going on (Felshin 1956).We don't really know whether Moses Maimonides' family converted for a time to escape death or if they fled immediately. Different scholars think different answers to this situation, but none truly know the answer. We do know that Moses Maimonides and his family did eventually leave Spain and settled in Fostat Egypt. They settled around 1165 and Maimonides settled with his brother. His brother began supporting him through his trade in precious stones. (Felshin 1956)Not too long after they had reached Africa Moses' father died, around 1166. Shortly after his fathers death his brother died in a shipwreck. This meant that Maimonides had to now support not only himself but his brothers wife and child as well. For this reason he became a practicing physician. His fame as a physician grew and he was invited to be the court physician in Cairo. (Felshin 1956) This was an invitation he accepted. He did not charge to practice in his village, he felt it was a blessing to him to be able to serve. However, this was not an easy task. He wrote one day to a friend of his explaining his day. According to this letter he would wake up early in the morning to go to Cairo. When he arrived at the palace he would treat the Sultan, his children and concubines and any of the officers who may become sick. He would not be able to leave the palace until the afternoon and then he would travel back to Fostat. As soon as he would arrive in Fostat there would be lines of people waiting for him. He would eat one meal, the only meal he...

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