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Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois on February 6th, 1911. Since the early stages of his life he was especially interested in economics and sociology, as a matter of fact, that is what he studied at Eureka College. In the start of his working career he became an actor and stared in several movies, then he shifted his career to politics and became the governor of California, and later went on to become the President of the United States of America by defeating Jimmy Carter in 1980.Over the course of his career as a governor and the President he had several ups and downs, due to this people experience mixed emotions and thoughts about the Reagan party. Some believe he was a great President who helped his country a lot by (1) keeping the US from going to war against the Soviet Union, and then helping with the military programs, but on the flip side other people believe that he was extremely harmful to the US economy, foreign relations, he nearly got the country in a war with the communist super power and ruined the reputation of the US (Reagan 1-3). The truth is that Ronald Reagan was a terrible President who was unable to handle his job properly, he made wrong decisions which hurt the country and he did not give much consideration to the thoughts of the people in United States.One of the most prominent factors that effected Reagan's administration in a bad way was his dislike of communism and his negative feelings for the Soviet Union. Reagan did not like the Soviet Union and that is why he went out of his way to out do them in every way possible (Fitzgerald 74). This negative attitude brought upon the US incidents such as the Cold War and the arms race. The arms race was a, "massive and expensive militarization movement on part of both nations [US and Soviet Union]" (The Arms Race 1), in this both the nations mass produced and invented new nuclear weapons in order to get ahead of the other nation. The US spent an estimated $ 260 billion for creating weapons during a five year period under Reagan, this money was used to build, "two trident submarines, one hundred B-1 bombers, additional cruise missiles and three hundred more of the latest Minuteman ICBMs" (Fitzgerald 90). In his book Way Out There in the Blue, Frances Fitzgerald quotes Ronald Reagan on his foreign policy which is, "Our foreign policy should be based on the principle that we will go anywhere and do anything that has to be done to protect our citizens from unjust treatment. Our national defense policy should back that up with force" most people would agree to this policy to a certain extent, but an average person has to think, whether spending $ 260 billion on weapons that will not be used is what the policy was actually saying (91). In a poll taken during the 1990's by Lawrence S. Wittner it was brought to attention that 87 percent of Americans supported a ban on further production of nuclear weapons, for reasons such as nuclear war threats and the devastating damage it has...

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