This Is A Paper On The Conditions During The Reign Of Louis L V, During The Cultural Renaissance In Europe.

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Describe Absolutism. Describe how absolutism expressed itself in painting, architecture, sculpture, and politics.Absolutism:Absolutism is a political assertion or theory that claims that all power is vested in either a Monarch or a small group of people. This type of ruler often feels that his or her authority is given to them by a divine decree. During the era of absolutist style of welding power, France and other places around the world were emulating absolutist styles of authoritarian leadership. Gloria Fiero says that during the Age of Absolutism, there was a devotion to making intellectual, artistic, and political progress.It seems to have been inspired by the development of the church. Along with expressed urges to show in the art work a yearning for piety and other lofty ambitions, a new style of looking at the world had flowered on the earth. Man's intellect had opened.A new era had emerged in the world. This can be seen in good examples of absolutism by looking at France, and the neighboring nations of the world during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Nations were defining, themselves after tasting the fruits of trade, and new spiritual, and scientific knowledge that flowered along the extensive trade routes that existed between the mighty populations of this era.One negative side effect of Absolutism was that it required the citizens subjected to it to hope that their leadership held them in high regard. Actually, that ideal of a good considerate leadership was often not inclined toward raining actual benefit towards the poor. Though much talent was harnessed for the world to see and admire the poor was patronized with hollow promises and trinkets; meanwhile, the impressive dreams of some of the more notable leaders during the age of Absolutism were manifested; oft-times at the expense of the sweet from their constituents brows. Absolutism also manifested itself in the architecture, and arts, and politics of the day. Exploring absolutism through the architecture, and arts, and politics of the day will bring this theory to a more clearer view.Painting:Under the guidance and sanction of King Louis the XlV, departments of art was promoted. This thrust into arts and culture were similar to the innovative cultivations done by old Egypt and other older civilizations. It was done with the same flavor or religious zeal. France's new focus on cultivating the arts was drawn from the influence of art of Rome and Greece. Paintings captured the glory of battles and miraculous events. Nicolas Poussin, the neoclassic painter created a style or criteria by which western art emulated. He was influenced by Greco-Roman mythology and Christian legend. His paintings held lofty thought inspiring themes. Painting as an ornament from the court of Louis the XlV, while the topics of these paintings belied the suffering that French people endured to support the production of these jewels of culture.Architecture:No other architectural model articulates...

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