This Is A Process Essay, Explaining How The Construction Of A Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine Is Done.

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What we see is not always all there isContrary to its appearance, a rhythmic gymnast's routine is very complex. Once one understands the rules and regulations of building such a routine, one will appreciate viewing it much more, seeing not only the beauty of the sequence, but also the hard work that has been put in to make a harmonic, synchronized routine.A routine is usually between eighty and ninety seconds; it is very difficult to construct a routine within such a small time frame. There are five types of routines: with a rope, with a ball, with a hoop, with clubs and with a ribbon. All five are necessary in order for a gymnast to enter a competition. However, younger gymnasts (under the age of 14) do not play with clubs and ribbon, since more skill is needed for them. There are also two other categories of routines: individual and ensemble. The former consists of only one gymnast, while the latter consists of five or six, depending on the gymnasts' age.A routine is constructed eight to nine months before the real competitions begin: usually during the summer, in order for the gymnast to have enough time to practice before the competitions start in the spring. The construction period usually lasts about a week. However, the step before that, choosing the music for the routine, can last up to two weeks. A routine is constructed in the training hall. A training hall is very high (in order for the gymnast to be able to throw the desired object in the air) and must have a carpet of plush material measuring 30m by 35m. This is the area in which the composition takes place.The first step of building a routine is choosing the music. It should contain a lot of rhythm and no words. Coaches usually choose the music, but sometimes the gymnasts also make suggestions. The music should be suited to the object with which the gymnast is playing. For example, it is unusual for a ball routine to be fast-moving; the ball is generally suited to slow, flowing music. The same goes for the ribbon, which visually "flows." The rope and club routines are usually fast-moving, with a lot of beat. The hoop routine can be either. The music should also be suited to the gymnast's character. For example, an energetic girl would not be suited to lethargic music. This is very important, since the gymnast's performance is directly related to how much she enjoys playing a particular routine. Once a song has been chosen, suitable moments from this song must be picked, which will later be cut and combined into one piece, lasting roughly about a minute and a half.The next phase in this process is deciding on the required elements. There are three types of requirements: specific obligatory elements, elements of a certain difficulty, and the variety of the elements. An element is a movement or a position that takes place in a composition. For each type of routine, there is a set of mandatory elements. For example, in the rope routine, a gymnast must "pass through the rope," "whirl the...

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